Custom Blankets by Eighth Generation

Thank you for your interest in producing a run of custom wool blankets with Eighth Generation, the first Native-owned and operated company to offer wool blankets. If your organization, company, or Tribe is interested in custom blankets, we’d love to hear from you!

Please keep in mind that we have doubled down on our proven commitment to giving back by establishing the Inspired Natives™ Award, which is funded by 5% of all blanket sales.

What do you offer?

For organizations interested in producing custom blankets, we offer 100% wool blankets with custom labels. We also offer 100% cotton throw blankets, which are available in smaller minimum order quantities.

Please note that we are not soliciting artwork or applications from individual artists who wish to collaborate with us.

What if I don’t have a design already?

No problem! We’ll work with you to develop a design that suits your organization’s vision, just like we did with the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi (see the video below!).


What is the cost, minimum order quantity and production timeline?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a custom wool blanket is 350 units and delivery can take up to 7 months after the artwork is approved, so it’s important to get started early. The price per blanket depends on the quantity, artwork, delivery location and other factors. Please email us for more information.

For our beautiful cotton throw blankets, the MOQ is 100 units, and it takes approximately 12 weeks for delivery after the artwork is approved. The price per blanket depends on quantity, artwork, delivery location and other features. Please email us for more information.

How does the process work?

For each custom blanket project, we offer design consulting and development, custom labels, a sample for you to review and approve, and delivery in beautiful Eighth Generation boxes.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a blanket project, the process generally follows this path:

  • Collaborative design development. If you have existing artwork you'd like to use, we'll work with you to adapt it to our production guidelines. Or, if you're in need of an original design, we have a network of talented Native artists throughout the country who are experts in cultural art. Whatever the case, we have years of experience working respectfully with cultural art, and we'll work closely with you to ensure your vision is faithfully represented.
  • Sample blanket to review. After the artwork is finalized, a sample blanket is produced. We’ll send pictures for you to check out to give you a sense of the finished product.
  • Delivery. This takes a few months, but your patience will pay off when you receive your blankets, each individually packaged in Eighth Generation boxes.

I want customized blankets, but don't meet the minimum quantity for wool or cotton blankets. What are my options?

To achieve the personalized feel you're looking for, we can create a custom label and sew it onto an existing, in-stock blanket. This service, performed right in our Seattle studio, is available for in-stock cotton throw blankets and wool blankets. Turnaround time for this service is as short as two to three weeks.

What makes working with Eighth Generation different? Why should we work with you?

When you choose to work with us, you’re not just supporting a Native-owned company - you’re helping ensure the sustained success of community-based artists through the Inspired Natives™ Project. In addition, 5% of all blanket sales go toward the Inspired Natives™ Award to grow the next generation of Inspired Natives™.