Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Is Eighth Generation Native-Owned?

Yes! Now owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe, Eighth Generation was founded by a Native artist, Louie Gong (Nooksack), to build business capacity for Native artists across the country and continent. When Louie sold Eighth Generation to the Snoqualmie Tribe in 2019, we became the first lifestyle brand to be owned by a tribe. As owners of Eighth Generation, the Snoqualmie Tribe is proud to continue protecting culture, elevate Native artists, and uplift tribal voices. Read more about the Snoqualmie Tribe on our website and their website.

Can Non-Native People Buy Eighth Generation's Products?

Absolutely! Eighth Generation products are for everyone. When you purchase from Eighth Generation, you're directly supporting the Native artist who designed that product; the Native employees who helped create, prep, and get that product to you; and our tribal owners—the Snoqualmie Tribe.

Who Are the Snoqualmie Tribe And How Are They Connected to Eighth Generation?

Since time immemorial, the Snoqualmie People have lived, worked, played, and hunted in the lands around Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Pacific Northwest. In 2019, just weeks after making a historic acquisition of their sacred lands alongside Snoqualmie Falls, the Snoqualmie Tribe purchased Eighth Generation, becoming the first tribe to own and operate a home goods business.

Through these acquisitions, the Snoqualmie Tribe illustrated their values by protecting culture, promoting Native artists, and elevating tribal voices. Through its ownership of Eighth Generation, the Tribe is strengthening the company's messaging and mission, supporting and elevating Native artists, and continuing to educate about the harmful effects of cultural appropriation. As founder Louie Gong (Nooksack) said of the Tribe's purchase of our company, “they put the muscle behind the hustle.” Eighth Generation is proud to be part of the Snoqualmie Tribe's story. Read more about the Snoqualmie Tribe on our website and their website.

What Makes Eighth Generation Products Unique?

In a global market flooded with fake “Native-inspired” products designed and sold by non-Native people, Eighth Generation's products stand out as the authentic, 100% Native-designed antidote to cultural appropriation. Every single one of our products is Native designed, and comes with an artist card to share more about the artist behind your design.

We work with a network of suppliers to ensure your new Eighth Generation product is high quality, beautifully made, and a reflection of our values and high standards.

Does Eighth Generation Sell Wholesale?

We do! Please visit our Wholesale page for more information here.

How Long Until I Receive My Order?

We truly appreciate you supporting our small, Native-owned business! Our warehouse team works hard Monday through Friday to fulfill all orders as fast as possible. Please note that there is a 2-3 day processing time to pick, pack, and get your order to the selected mail carrier that is in addition to the delivery time you select. For example, if you select 2-day shipping from USPS, it may take 2-3 days for us to package and ship your order, and then 2 days in transit with USPS. During peak shipping seasons (graduation season and the winter holidays), processing time may increase to 3-4 days. Read more details on our Shipping & Return Policies page here.

Why Did Eighth Generation Start Making Blankets?

Our founder Louie Gong (Nooksack) began planning for wool blankets in 2010 after earning his first wool blanket by keynoting an education conference. From that point forward, he saved every penny from speaking and workshops to use as the seed money for the 2015 launch. In 2019, Eighth Generation launched our Gold Label collection of wool baby blankets made in our Seattle studio, adding throw blankets to the collection in 2021.

About Our Blankets

What Size Are Eighth Generation Blankets?

  • Signature Series Wool Blankets: 80" x 60" (fits the top of a queen size bed)
  • Gold Label Wool Blankets: approximately 64” x 62” (varies slightly by design)
  • North Winds Wool Blankets: 53.15” x 78.74”
  • Waymaker Wool Blankets: 47.24 in x 74.82-77.95 in (length varies due to natural variations in the milling process)
  • Cotton Blend Blankets: 108” x 92” (fits a king size bed)
  • Cotton Throw Blankets: 50" x 60"

What Are Eighth Generation Blankets Made From?

  • Most of our "Signature Series" wool blankets have a 100% wool pile (the part you see and feel) and 100% polyester warp (the internal structure that gives the blanket stability and longevity). A few blankets in this series have 100% wool pile and 100% wool warp. Each blanket product page has the fiber content clearly listed.
  • Our Gold Label collection of made-in-Seattle blankets and scarves are made with 100% Merino wool.
  • Our North Winds Series wool blankets are made of 100% Norwegian wool.
  • Our Waymaker Series wool blankets are made of 100% UK wool.
  • Our cotton/acrylic blend blankets are made with a cotton/acrylic blend.
  • Our cotton throw blankets are made with 100% cotton.

How Do I Care For My Wool Blanket?

If you are storing your wool blanket for any amount of time, our two natural recommendations to protect against moths are cedar and bay leaves. You can purchase cedar blocks or sachets of chips online. If the blocks lose their scent over time, they just need a light sanding to bring back their scent. One or two blocks tucked in a box should be plenty to keep moths away. Bay leaves are another good trick—a handful of them in a sachet works well to keep closet moths away. No moth balls, please!

How Do Eighth Generation Blankets Feel?

  • Our "Signature Series" wool blankets are perfect for cooler temperatures and as statement pieces on the back of a couch or at the foot of your bed. Customers have told us our wool is soft, not scratchy, and the suede edge band of each blanket makes them extra cozy.
  • Our cotton/acrylic blend blankets feel similar to fleece, but are much more plush. They're a great wool alternative to anyone with wool allergies; because they are machine washable they're great for homes with kids and pets!
  • Our 100% cotton throw blankets are a medium weave and weight. They make excellent light throws for warmer months or to be used as picnic blankets.
  • Our 100% Merino wool Gold Label Throw Blankets are some of our softest, most luxurious blankets. Made right here in our Seattle studio, our Gold Label Throw Blankets are double-knit for a luxurious, heavy weight.
  • Our 100% wool North Winds Series Wool Blankets are sustainably made by a vertical mill in Norway, and are lighter than our Signature Series Wool Blankets; lighter than that are our Waymaker Series Wool Blankets, which are sustainably made by a vertical mill in the UK and have a lovely, fluid drape.

Where are Eighth Generation's Blankets Produced?

We are proud to work with local, domestic, and international partners worldwide as true participants in the global economy. Our Gold Label Collection of Wool Blankets and Wool Scarves are produced right here in our Seattle studios. Our Cotton Throw Blankets are produced in the USA. Our "Signature Series" Wool Blankets are imported from China. Our Waymaker Series Wool Blankets are produced by a vertical mill in the UK, while our North Winds Series Wool Blankets are produced by a vertical mill in Norway.

Why Doesn't Eighth Generation Produce All Blankets In The United States with American Or Native-Produced Wool?

As a growing business, we are proud to partner with both domestic and worldwide partners in producing our blankets! Eighth Generation is confident that we entered into this high barrier-to-entry market in the best way possible and firmly reject any stereotype-based assumption that a Native-owned company is somehow "less Native" because we work with overseas manufacturers. We must contend with the same reality and constraints as all other American small businesses.

While only 3% of apparel sold in the USA is made domestically, over 50% of Eighth Generation's product categories are manufactured in the USA—much of it made in our own Seattle studio.

In October 2019, Eighth Generation became the first ever Native-owned company to produce a Native-made textile line on a commercial scale. Read more about the wool textiles we make in our Seattle headquarters for our Gold Label Collection here!

Discounts, Sales, and Donations

Does Eighth Generation Have Any Current Discounts?

Yes! Sign up for our e-Newsletter and SMS text messages for a 10% off coupon code you can use right away. (Please note: this or any other coupon codes do not work during sales such as Summer Savings or Black Friday sales.) Click the "Get 10% Off" button at the bottom left of your screen to sign up and receive your code.

Eighth Generation has several sales on select products throughout the year. Signing up for our e-Newsletter and following us on social media are the best ways to stay informed of current sales

I Missed A Sale: Can I Still Receive The Discount?

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend sale discounts outside of their posted date ranges. While some big box stores are able to offer price adjustments within a certain date range of their sales, we are a small business and are unable to follow this practice. We truly appreciate your understanding and support.

Does Eighth Generation Donate Products Or Money To Other Organizations?

Yes. Eighth Generation proudly believes that engaging in commerce that is so closely connected to Native peoples comes with an ethical obligation to nurture the environments that this cultural art is coming from. Therefore, we take seriously the responsibility of giving back to the community. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, however, we have to predesignate how many organizations we donate to each year—usually making selections at the beginning of the year. Please reach out to for more information.

Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives® Artists

How Does Eighth Generation Choose The Artists They Work With?

Eighth Generation only works with authentic Native (Native American, First Nations, or Indigenous) artists. Proof of tribal enrollment, as well as other factors, may be used in our assessment of whether an artist is a good match for the Eighth Generation brand. Our assessment includes:

  • Proof of tribal enrollment (required)
  • Demonstrated engagement with tribal communities over time
  • Vetting by tribal communities as demonstrated by prior art projects
  • Continuity between the artist's creative practice and traditions/themes of their own tribal community

We reach out to artists we are interested in working with directly. We are unable to accept portfolios, examples, or artist collaboration requests at this time. The best way to get your artwork in front of the Eighth Generation team is to watch our social media channels and website for information about the next wool blanket design contest we host.

Does Eighth Generation Pay Their Artists?

Absolutely. Eighth Generation was founded by an artist in order to help other Native artists build their own business capacity. Because of that, it is critical to us that we pay our artists very well. Our artists receive an initial signing fee as well as high licensing/usage fees for their designs and products sold.

What is the Inspired Natives® Project by Eighth Generation?

The Inspired Natives® Project, launched by Louie Gong in May 2014, is both a business initiative and an educational initiative. By collaborating with select arts entrepreneurs to manufacture products under the Eighth Generation brand, the project expands the regional appeal of the Eighth Generation brand while simultaneously increasing the capacity of Native arts entrepreneurs and educating the public about the tangible costs of cultural appropriation. You can read more about the project and meet the artists here.

Further About Us

Does Eighth Generation Have A Physical Store?

Yes! In 2016, Eighth Generation proudly opened our first store in Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market, regularly included on lists as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2023, we moved across the street from the Market to a larger retail space on First Avenue. Read more about our flagship store in Downtown Seattle here.

What is the meaning behind the Eighth Generation name and logo?

"Eighth Generation" is a play on the intertribal value of Seven Generations. By calling our business Eighth Generation, we are embedding respect for those who came before us and doing our best for the generations who come after us. Also, the pronunciation of "eight" in Cantonese—Founder Louie Gong's Grandpa's language—sounds like the word for prosperity. Therefore, "eight" is considered a very lucky number to have in a business name.

Do Eighth Generation Products Make Good Gifts?

Eighth Generation's products are the perfect gifts for anyone who loves art and design, who wants to adorn themselves and their home with high-quality products, who values supporting small businesses and cultural artists, or who wants their everyday items like blankets and towels to be beautiful and special. Our Gold Label blankets make heirloom-quality gifts, while our socks, mugs, and wool blankets

What Kind of Products Does Eighth Generation Sell?

Eighth Generation is known for our authentic Native-designed wool blankets. We were the first Native-owned company to commercially sell wool blankets in the national and global marketplace! (Fun fact: the Thunderbird Arrives Wool Blanket, designed by Louie Gong (Nooksack), was our first design.)

Today, we sell all kinds of 100% Native-designed home goods and gifts, from wool and cotton blankets to pillows, kitchenware, jewelry, scarves, socks, and more. Many of our items, including our Gold Label collection of wool textiles, our mixed-media and sterling silver jewelry, and soap are made right here in Seattle, where we are based. We are the place for authentic, Native-designed gifts for your loved ones and special treasures for yourself.

What Organizations Has Eighth Generation Supported?

Since the beginning, Eighth Generation and Louie Gong have made cash, product, and service donations to a wide variety of organizations. Some examples include the National Indian Education Association, Evergreen State College Longhouse (becoming the largest individual donor in 2016), Seattle's Navigation Center, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women of Washington, the Wing Luke Museum, and numerous special events such as memorials, weddings and other fundraisers.

In 2016, Eighth Generation donated $10,000 in blankets to the water protectors at Standing Rock; and then partnered with the Google American Indian Network and First Peoples Fund to contribute an additional $24,000 in resources.

Eighth Generation brought together numerous businesses and nonprofits to support the new Navigation Center.

In 2018, Eighth Generation donated $15,000 worth of wool blankets to people transitioning out of homelessness.

In 2019, as part of our annual First Frost Gifting, Eighth Generation donated wool blankets to Chief Seattle Club's Eagle Village. This facility provides modular homes as a route out of homelessness and into permanent homes.

In 2020, during the early stages of the pandemic, Eighth Generation donated 10,000 pieces of personal protective equipment to the Seattle Indian Health Board. Also, with support from the Snoqualmie Tribe, Eighth Generation provided $10,000 worth of wool blankets to elders, families, and children who lost their homes to wildfires in Washington and Oregon. Additionally, the women of Eighth Generation called attention to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women with the production of our “Sacred Sisters” Scarf. All $8,929 of the scarf's profits were donated to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center (NIWRC), which works to end gender-based violence in tribal communities.

Eighth Generation makes regular donations, large and small, to various tribes and tribal businesses to support ceremonies and celebrations, as well as educational institutions to support Native youth excellence.