Gold Label Collection—Wool Textiles Made in Seattle

Native Designed, Made in Seattle


Eighth Generation is proud to introduce our Gold Label collection of Native-designed wool blankets and scarves made in Seattle!

We are constantly innovating new ways to bring authentic Native designs to the market, and our Gold Label collection of wool textiles manufactured in our Seattle studio is our latest, game-changing effort on this front. This line of luxury wool blankets, meaningful baby blankets, and cozy wool scarves are a gorgeous way to add Native designs to your home and wardrobe. 



By manufacturing these wool textiles in our Seattle studio, Eighth Generation provides conscientious consumers with more Native-made choices while simultaneously creating a new platform for Native artists to gain valuable industry knowledge. We are proud to be a nationwide leader in the Indigenous effort of reclaiming the market for cultural art, providing an authentic Native-designed alternative to the fake "Native-inspired" art that has dominated the market for over a century. 



Distinguished by a special Gold Label, our wool throw blankets, baby blankets, and scarves are carefully designed by Native artists across the country, and then machine-knit, finished, and packaged by Eighth Generation staff in our Seattle studio.



With Native people involved in the process from start to finish, this new line of textiles symbolizes Native excellence—and the power of investing in Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired".



Shop our beautiful collection of made-in-Seattle textiles here, and thank you for supporting Inspired Natives® not "Native-inspired"!