Making Our Gold Label Collection

Wool Textiles Made in Seattle

Eighth Generation’s Gold Label Collection is a proud initiative from our tribally-owned company to reclaim domestic wool textile manufacturing by integrating Native excellence from start to finish. These blankets and scarves are a great option for conscientious consumers looking for authentic Native-designed art while supporting local textile production. 


Our Textile Production team works on setting up yarn our knitting machines at our studio located in Seattle, Washington. All of our Native-designed wool blankets and scarves support Native artists and domestic textile production in the Pacific Northwest.

Eighth Generation is reinvigorating wool textile manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest and incorporating Native cultural art and artists while doing it.  

Knitting Your Wool Blanket 

Our Textile Production Team is involved in every detail of the Gold Label manufacturing process; from digitally programming each design and performing maintenance on our knitting machines, to hand-finishing, washing, steaming, and labeling each wool blanket and scarf. Every Gold Label item is created of 100% Merino wool and finished with expert care, and we are proud of our team’s continuous effort to bring you heirloom-quality keepsakes.  


All our of Gold Label wool blankets and scarves are designed by our talented Native artists, and are then digitally programmed by our Textile Production team to locally manufacture them in our Seattle, Washington studio.


Our Gold Label Collection consists of all authentic Native-designed wool blankets and scarves made in Seattle, Washington. Our Wolf Spirit Wool Blanket is seen knitting on our machines and goes through a thorough production process to bring customers the highest quality wool blankets.

Our Textile Production Team performs all maintenance and aspects of our local wool textile manufacturing on our knitting machines in Seattle, Washington.


Native Traditions, Modern Technology 

Creating our authentic Native-designed textiles is a time-intensive, highly-skilled process that produces luxurious wool goods that will be treasured for generations to come. We are proud to honor the Native cultural traditions of wool textile production while merging them with contemporary technologies.  


Textile Production Team is threading yarn on our knitting machines to produce our wool blankets and scarves designed by Native artists. Our studio is based out of the Pacific Northwest with wool blankets and scarves made in Seattle.


Thank you for investing in and uplifting Native artists with your Gold Label purchase. You can find our latest blanket and scarf designs here

Our Native-designed wool blankets and scarves are domestically produced at our studio in Seattle, Washington.

Native-designed wool blankets made in Seattle, Washington. Yarn set-up on knitting machines to manufacture our wool blankets and scarves.