Communication Policy

Eighth Generation's Communications Policy

Eighth Generation values communication.  We use various digital communications to make sure you receive the information you need.  However, Eighth Generation will never send an unsolicited email or social media communication to you asking you to provide personal information such telephone numbers, addresses or credit card numbers. 

From time to time, fraudulent emails are circulated claiming to have been issued by Eighth Generation.  If you receive such an email claiming to be from Eighth Generation or any Eighth Generation employee and you believe it to be fraudulent, do not reply or click any links or open attachments found in the email. Never provide or confirm your personal information. Delete these emails immediately.  When in doubt, instead of replying through the email or social media message or post in question, please contact us via email at []. 

Updated May 12, 2021

Eight Generation's Social Media Policy

Eighth Generation invites its followers to express their opinions and engage in respectful discussions with one another by leaving comments on our social media posts. 

These guidelines allow our comments to remain on while ensuring a respectful environment for our followers. We endeavor to review all comments for potentially problematic content, although 100% moderation is not always possible. We reserve the right to remove or edit content once posted. We reserve the right to hide or delete any comments that violate our guidelines and/or block users who violate our guidelines.  

The following guidelines apply to all social media posts created by Eighth Generation: 

  1. Respect one another. While healthy debate, respectful questions, and discourse are welcome, offensive, obscene, threatening, or abusive comments will be deleted as soon as we become aware of them. Users who perpetuate offensive, obscene, threatening, or abusive comments will be blocked.   
  2. Hate speech will not be tolerated. Comments containing racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other form of hate speech have no place on our channels and will be removed. Users who make comments containing hate speech will be blocked.  
  3. Keep language PG-13. While we understand colorful/questionable language may add flavor and voice to comments, vulgarity may offend readers. We are a welcoming and safe space for users—including young readers and followers—and endeavor to keep our comment sections the same.   
  4. Stay on topic. Comments should relate to the topic at hand whether that topic is presented in a photo, social media caption, or blog post. In order to keep the conversation relevant, off-topic comments may be hidden or removed.  
  5. Spam and commercial content will be removed.  

For further questions, contact us via email at [].

Updated March 1, 2022