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Eighth Generation is one of the fastest-growing Native-owned businesses in country. Our incredible story—from Louie's first pair of custom shoes to the groundbreaking launch of wool blankets and the acquisition by the Snoqualmie Tribe—has been documented in articles, interviews, and documentaries around the world. We welcome your press inquiry and thank you for your support of our small, tribally-owned business and Seattle success story. 


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About Colleen Echohawk, CEO

A champion for Native prosperity, Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee, Athabascan) joined Eighth Generation as CEO in 2022. An advocate for Seattle’s marginalized populations she serves on numerous boards and advisory committees throughout the city and country.

With over twenty years' experience in leadership, community development, and activism, Colleen brings her experiences as an Indigenous woman, small business owner, community organizer, and executive leader to build a community of justice and reconciliation.

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About Louie Gong, Founder

Louie Gong (Nooksack) is an artist, educator, and public speaker who founded Eighth Generation in 2008 as a way to reclaim and make space for cultural artists in the global marketplace. Although he is best known for his highly sought after, hand-drawn custom shoes, Louie has received international recognition for a body of work that—like his mixed heritage (Nooksack, Chinese, French, and Scottish)—defies categorization. Louie sold Eighth Generation to the Snoqualmie Tribe in 2019 and began a three-year process working with tribal leadership to identify our growing brand's next CEO. Louie and Colleen have been friends and colleagues for over two decades.

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In the News

Below is a selection of our top national stories and recent press. For a full press CV, click here.


National Geographic | May 13, 2020

Creativity may help carry everyone through the lockdown pressures, but it can yield more material assistance too. Case in point: When the Seattle Indian Health Board called for additional personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19, the county accidentally sent body bags instead. Enter Seattle-based Eighth Generation, the country's largest Native-owned art and lifestyle brand.


Reclaiming Native American Art
CNN's The Great Big Story | November 6, 2017

When the Coronavirus hit, the company helped its community, then looked to strengthen its business model. Amid the doom-and-gloom news of COVID-19's effect on people and the economy, Eighth Generation is a hopeful example of a business principle few people are talking about: Sometimes, a crisis accelerates evolution and needed change, and a business can emerge stronger when the dust has settled.

Eighth Generation, authentic Native goods store, relocates to bigger spot on 1st Ave in Seattle
King 5 | July 6, 2023

The art of re-imagining Seattle
ABC (Australia) | May 25, 2023

How Seattle-area shops and buyers can stop enabling fake Native art
Seattle Times | March 25, 2023

How Wakanda’s Oscar-worthy blankets were made in Seattle

Crosscut | March 9, 2023

Tribal Business News | February 7, 2022

The balance of new Indigenous leadership
Indian Country Today | February 4, 2022

Crosscut. | September 7, 2021

Meet the business reclaiming the narrative around Native art
Marketplace | May 27, 2021

$30,000 prize fund for wool blanket design contest symbolizes the rapid growth of Native-owned Eighth Generation
Indian Country Today | May 25, 2021

NDN Collective | March 8, 2021


Kiro 7 | February 19, 2021