The Snoqualmie Tribe

Just weeks after making a historic acquisition of their sacred lands alongside Snoqualmie Falls in 2019, the Snoqualmie Tribe made another historic purchase, that of Eighth Generation.  

Through these acquisitions, the Snoqualmie Tribe illustrated their values by protecting culture, promoting Native artists, and elevating tribal voices. Through its ownership of Eighth Generation, the Tribe is strengthening the company’s messaging and mission, supporting and elevating Native artists, and continuing to educate about the harmful effects of cultural appropriation.

By making a purchase or visiting our store, you are supporting and investing in values held dear by Eighth Generation, the Snoqualmie people, and other Native communities. Read more about the Snoqualmie Tribe on their website here

Eighth Generation's headquarters in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood and flagship store at across from the historic Pike Place Market both reside on land that Coast Salish people have lived, worked, played, and gathered on since time immemorial. The Snoqualmie Tribe shares ways that all people can recreate respectfully on Snoqualmie and Coast Salish lands through their Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement page