Transparency Hub

Eighth Generation was founded on the values of accountability and transparency. These values extend to every facet of our business – from our supply chain to our advertising to the policies like our Decolonizing Partnership brand partner model. We are committed to being honest with our customers and support when it comes to our products.

In August 2022, we launched the Transparency Hub to double-down on transparency in our supply chain. This page serves as a resource to our customers and partners to learn more about where and how our products are sourced.

Product Sourcing Pillars

We want our customers to have complete faith in us and continue supporting our Native-owned small business. We also want to ensure that all our suppliers are as truthful and transparent with us as possible. To that end, we have established an Accountability and Responsibility Taskforce (ART) overseen by Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee, Athabascan), Chief Executive Officer, at Eighth Generation to add rigor to our sourcing and supply standards. Under her leadership, this taskforce has established the following sourcing criteria:

  • Conduct third-party lab verification of material content and origin whenever we begin sourcing new products with a third-party supplier
  • Seek domestic suppliers (when possible), and hold all suppliers accountable to our Decolonizing Partnerships model. We will only source from suppliers who have not willingly appropriated Native art.
  • Continue to abide by the highest ethical sourcing standards (as outlined by SMETA Compliance Audits), including zero tolerance for any evidence of unethical sourcing or forced labor.

Customer Support

Why now? In August 2022, we initiated an independent audit of our supply. Through this, we learned that Signature Series Wool Blankets labeled and advertised as 100% wool were in fact 100% wool pile plus a 100% polyester warp. What this means is the part of the blanket you touch that gives it the blanket its plushness (the pile) is 100% wool, and the internal weave that gives the blanket stability is 100% polyester.

While we were surprised to learn about the discrepancy between the labeling from the supplier and the actual fiber content, Eighth Generation remains proud of our Signature Series Wool Blankets which are high quality and celebrate Inspired Natives®, not “Native-inspired”.

To each of our supporters and customers: thank you. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please email us at