Custom Labels

Custom Leather Label on Black and White Salish Pattern Wool Blanket


Thank you for your interest in buying blankets from Eighth Generation! Create a special touch for your gift by adding Custom Labels to your bulk order. Our Custom Labels add a meaningful message to any gifting occasion, whether you're thinking of a gift for graduates or a honoring for your colleagues or employees. 

Custom Leather Labels

We offer Custom Leather Labels for any of our in-stock wool or cotton blanket designs. Our Custom Branding Labels are high-resolution print on leather and sewn onto the corner of each blanket. The Labels measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and can feature your logo, picture and/or text in full color print. The beautiful Labels can carry a special, long-lasting message for your recipient!

Custom Leather Label on Blue, White and Black Tribute Wool Blanket

What are the costs and timelines?

Custom Labels typically take about 2 - 3 weeks to process, print, sew and ship. Price will depend on the quantity ordered. We typically require a minimum order of 5 blankets, but feel free to still reach out if you're interested in a slightly smaller quantity. To inquire about the costs, please kindly send an inquiry to our info email for more informationThank you for choosing to support our Tribally-owned company!