We Heal Together: 5 Self-Care Tips from Eighth Generation

We asked our followers on a recent social media post about what you are doing for self care. Based on your comments, we've put together a list of 5 easy and free ways you can self-care. We loved creating a space for you to share about your self-care methods and learn what others are doing as well! Thank you to everyone that left comments on our post. We've included some of your awesome ideas in this list! 

1. Create a Cozy Space and Meditate

Create a calm and welcoming space that you can go to during tough times to meditate. Five minutes of deep breathing can release the tension in your body and reduce stress. It can be as simple or elaborate as you please, the goal is to create a safe space to check-in with yourself and process your emotions during these uncertain times.

Communications Specialist, Adriana’s Self-Care Tip: There are lots of easy-to-use apps and websites for meditation at home! One that I regularly use is mindfulwaythroughanxiety.com/exercises/

2. Spring Cleaning and Organization for Self Care

Your home is your sanctuary; make it the beautiful space you need and deserve! Do you have a closet, room or table that is packed with unorganized items? Start with one space and expel the unnecessary clutter. You will feel a sense of accomplishment after transforming a space from messy to clean. You’ve got this!

Store Manager, Stephanie’s Self-Care Tip: Stephanie is one of our most organized staff members who describes keeping things clean as a "way of life". Stephanie shared the following advice for how cleaning can be an act of self care:

"Avoid storing things as much as possible. If you have items in storage, pull them out and assess if they are still of functional value to you, and consider how long you've been storing them. Another rule I live by is this: the state of your bed is the state of your head. That applies to the rest of your home as well."

3. The act of Creating as Good Medicine

The act of creating allows us to be mindful while being productive during a soothing activity. Life can get stressful so take the time to create good medicine; dance like no-one is watching, color in your favorite coloring book, and cook your favorite meal. As the creativity flows, your body and mind will relax allowing you to feel calm and at peace. You can also apply your own artwork to shoes like Louie did using our Shoes Coloring Book, which is free to download!

How Facebook supporter, Megan McDermott self-care’s: “I've been beading, painting, and doing what I can as a working artist! I did finish a longtime beading project so that helped me through a lot.”

4.  Actively Enjoy the Springtime Weather!

Make a point to get outside and appreciate the fact that it's springtime (while safely practicing social distancing protocols of course). Breathing fresh air, feeling the sun on your face and taking advantage of warmer temperatures can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Whether it’s to go for a walk around your block, garden in your yard or stretch, being outside and physically active will help alleviate pandemic-related stress, anxiety and support your immune system. Find what works for you!

How Facebook supporter, Becky Archibald self-care’s: “Gardening is helping me. The beauty of trees all around and playing in the dirt. Planting flowers and veggies. The best to bring smiles at the end of the day.”

5. Finding Joy in Animals

Furry friends provide great companionship and give unconditional love; reducing the stress and anxiety of our everyday lives. Even if you don’t own a pet, looking at cute animals online or out in the real world can surely brighten your day! 

How Facebook supporter, Jean Boyle self-care’s: “Daily beach walks. Coincidentally we added a puppy to our family just before the shutdown. He keeps me active and the beach walks are necessary for all of us.” Our Studio Manager Josh also recently adopted the puppy pictured above! Her name is Violet and she's rocking one of our soft scarves, the Duality Silk Scarf

Share with us what you are doing for self care in the comments! We'd love to hear your tips and stories. From all of us at Eighth Generation, we send our best wishes and prayers for the health and safety of our followers, supporters and communities across the globe. Take care everyone!