Duality Silk Scarf

First Nations people have to walk in two worlds: this unavoidable, fast paced, modern world, and, at the same time, their own cultural world of interconnectedness, protocol and ceremony. 

This duality is represented in this new take on a classic bentwood box design. The traditional styles of front and back Formline designs found on countless old boxes have been fused together into one complete and complex composition. 

The design is set on its traditional material, red cedar. The word for red cedar in the Tsimshian language translates to, “the real wood”, signifying it’s use in all aspects of their lives: our homes, canoes, clothes, totem poles, bentwood boxes and more.

This 100% silk scarf was designed by David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian), winner of 2017 Wool Blanket Design Contest.  

  • 100% Silk
  • 24" x 48"
  • Dry clean only
  • Imported

David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian) comes from the village of Metlakatla, Alaska, growing up there and in Kingston, Washington. He first began to learn how to carve from his father, renowned Tsimshian artist and culture bearer, David A. Boxley, at the age of six. He has since studied under Master Haida carver, Robert Davidson, and, after moving away for a period of time, has returned to live in his village to help in the efforts to save his people's language. He is now the Co-chair of The Haayk Foundation, which works to preserve and revitalize Tsimshian language, history, and traditions.

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  • Dry clean only.


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