Note: Eighth Generation is growing rapidly. In order to focus on escalating business activities, Louie has placed a moratorium on all workshops and most speaking engagements.  Inquiries about major keynotes opportunities are still welcome.

03/26/19   Reservation Economic Summit, Keynote - Las Vegas, Nevada

08/18/18  Seattle Zoo w/ Snoqualmie Tribe, Keynote - Seattle, Washington

04/28/18  Take Over Day, Keynote - Metlakatla, Alaska

03/09/18  A Dragon Lives Here - Wing Luke Museum's Bruce Lee Exhibit Opening

03/08/18  Reservation Economic Summit, Keynote - Las Vegas, Nevada

02/09/18  FIRE Summit, Keynote - Lacey, Washington

10/07/17  Oregon Native American Chamber, Keynote - Portland, Oregon

09/06/17  National Center for Enterprise Development, Keynote - Tulalip, Washington

01/09/17  Case Family Programs 50th Anniversary Gathering - Seattle, Washington

11/22/16  Muckleshoot Potlach, Speaker - Auburn, Washington

06/25/16  Pokagon Band of the Potawatomie Graduation Banquet, Keynote, Dowagiac, Michigan

01/21/16  National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), Keynote - Seattle, Washington 

01/11/16  Capacity Building With Community Based Artists - Molakai, Hawaii

12/19/15  Design Yourself Workshops at Beacon Hill Library - Seattle, Washington

11/24/15  Muckleshoot Potlach, Speaker - Auburn, Washington

11/14/15  Film Screening at Artxchange Gallery

11/12/15  Ampersand LIVE, Town Hall Seattle

11/07/15  Gates Millennium Scholars 2015 Leadership Conference, Keynote - Santa Clara, California

11/05/15  Exhibition Opening, Art Exchange Gallery - Seattle, Washington

11/05/15  Lummi Community Ventures Program, Keynote - Lummi, Washington

10/14/15  National Indian Education Association Annual Convention, Vendor - Portland, Oregon

10/03/15  Artist Talk, Art Exchange Gallery - Seattle, Washington

10/01/15  Exhibition Opening, Art Exchange Gallery - Seattle, Washington

06/14/15  Open Studio - Visitors welcome!

05/26/15  Multi-Day Workshops - Chehalis Tribal Mental Health - Seattle, Washington

05/17/15  Tacoma Art Museum, Sales Event - Tacoma, Washington

05/05/15  ONABEN, Featured Speaker - Tulsa, Oklahoma

05/01/15  Muckleshoot Tribal College, Presenter - Career Day

04/29/15  Unity Day at Highline College, Keynote - Federal Way, Washington

04/27/15  Nooksack Valley School District, Graduates of Distinctions Ceremony

04/24/15  Students of Color Conference, Keynote - Yakima, Washington

04/23/15  White Swan and Toppenish, Special Assemblies - Yakima, Washington

04/18/15  Hold

04/16/15  Michigan Indian Education Conference, Keynote  - Dowagiac, Michigan

04/14/15  Southern Michigan College, Guest Lecture - Dowagiac, Michigan

02/21/15  National Association of Multicultural Education Conference, Keynote - Salt Lake City, Utah

02/20/15   Alpine School District, Workshop - Ogden, Utah

02/19/15   Granite School District, Workshop - Salt Lake City, Utah

02/12/15   Northern Ute Tribe, Multi-Day "Design Yourself" Workshop - Ft. Duschesne, Utah

01/20/15   University of Nebraska (Omaha) - OPS Workshop/Event - Omaha, Nebraska

12/13/14   Evergreen Longhouse Holiday Fair - Sales Event

12/12/14   Longhouse Holiday Native Art Fair - Sales Event

12/08/14   Muckleshoot Tribal College Speaker Series, Speaker

12/05/14   Pioneer Square Art Walk at Chief Seattle Club - Sales Event

12/04/14   Pioneer Square Art Walk at Chief Seattle Club - Sales Event

11/30/14   Duwamish Longhouse Holiday Art Fair - Sales Event

11/29/14   Duwamish Longhouse Holiday Art Fair - Sales Event

11/28/14   Duwamish Longhouse Holiday Art Fair - Sales Event

11/25/14   Muckleshoot Tribal School Potlatch, Speaker

11/15/14   Daybreak Star Holiday Fair - Sales Event

11/14/14   Hold

11/06/14   Faculty and Staff of Color Conference, Keynote - Vancouver, Washington

11/05/14   Seattle Girls School - Seattle, Washington

10/29/14   Seattle Girls School - Seattle, Washington

10/27/14   National Gear Up - West, Keynote - Seattle, Washington

10/14/14   National Indian Education Association Convention (Attendee)

08/16/14   Museum of History and Industry, Art Talk - Seattle, Washington

08/09/14   In the Spirit Art Market - Tacoma Museum of History

08/05/14   Graton Rancheria Multi-day Workshop - Petaluma, California

06/23/14   Centralia Community College, Design Yourself Workshop - Centralia, Washington

06/18/14   Seattle Public School's Title VII Graduation

05/27/14   Our Native American Entrepreneurs Business Network, Arts Entrepreneurship Workshop - Portland, Oregon

05/22/14   Whatcom Family & Community Network Youth Summit, Keynote

05/15/14   Art Talk and Exchange at Tether - Seattle, Washington

05/13/14   North Sound Tribal Mental Health Conference, Keynote - Bow, Washington

05/02/14   Annual Day of Presence, Presentation and Workshop - Olympia, Washington

04/18/14   Durango School District, Diversity Training for Faculty - Colorado

04/17/14   Durango School District - Design Yourself Workshop - Colorado

04/16/14   Fort Lewis College, Art Talk - Colorado

04/15/14   Ute Mountain Ute, Design Yourself Workshop - Colorado

04/14/14   White Mesa, Design Yourself Workshop - Colorado

04/12/14   Little Boston S'klallam Skate Park Launch

04/04/14   AISES Regional Conference, Keynote - Butte, Montana

03/06/14   Town Hall Seattle's "10th Annual Talk of the Town", Celebrity Guest -Seattle, Washington

03/04/14   NSMHA's Dignity and Respect Conference, Keynote

03/01/14   "Design Yourself" w/ NMAI - A workshop for emerging entrepreneurs at the Eighth Generation studio in Seattle

02/25/14   Youth Leadership Summit, Keynote - Salt Lake City, Utah

02/22/14   Wischram School Workshop - Wishram, Washington

02/12/14   SWAG x LG Planning Meeting - Kingston, Washington

01/30/14   Aboriginal Women’s Business Entrepreneurship Network - Ottawa, Ontario

01/26/14  Chicago Public Schools, Community Presentation - Chicago, Illinois

01/25/14   Chicago Public Schools Title 7, Design Yourself Workshop - Chicago, Illinois

12/14/13   Open workshop at the Wing Luke Museum - Seattle, Wa

11/27/13   Muckleshoot Tribal School Potlatch, Community Presentation - Auburn, Washington

11/17/13   SWAIA's NextGen Intensive Performing Arts Workshop, Facilitation - Santa Fe, New Mexico

11/15/13   SWAIA's NextGen Intensive Performing Arts Workshop, Facilitation - Santa Fe, New Mexico

11/07/13   UW Tacoma's Symposium on Native American Higher Education, Keynote - Tacoma Washington

11/06/13   Consotia of Native American Rehabilitation Conference, Keynote - Portland, Oregon

10/21/13   Northwest Assoc. of Educational Opportunity Programs (NAEOP) Conference, Keynote - Portland, Wa

10/18/13   Seattle Girls School, Studio Visit

10/11/13   Indigenous Film Festival, Community Presentation - Denver Colorado

10/09/13   Indigenous Film Festival, Design Yourself Workshop - Denver, Colorado

08/12/13   SWAIA Market, Paul Frank Collaboration Launch - Sante Fe, New Mexico

08/09/13   Ramp It Up Exhibition Opening at Hibulb, Community Presentation - Tulalip, Washington

08/08/13   War Baby / Love Child Exhibition Opening at Wing Luke Museum, Speaker - Seattle, Washington

08/01/13   Federated Band of Graton Rancheria, Multi-day Workshop - Sabastipol, Washington

07/06/13   One Gathering- Skate for Life, Denver Colorado (Pending)

06/27/13   Juneau, Alaska

06/10/13   Ogden, Utah

05/29/13   Tacoma, Washington

05/17/13   Minneapolis, Minnesota

05/07/13   Chehalis, Washington

04/29/13   Chehalis, Washington

04/12/13   Portland Public Schools, Mockups Workshop

04/08/13   Muckleshoot Outdoor Adventure Camp

04/01/13   Northwest Indian Youth Conference, Keynote

03/28/13   Students of Color Career Conference, Keynote

03/27/13   Reed College, Panel on appropriation of Native art

03/24/13   Leipzig Germany, Workshops and Presentations

03/20/13   Leipzig Germany, Film Screenings (You are What You Wear, 2013)

02/26/13   Muckleshoot Tribal School, Mockups Workshops

02/11/13   Utah Vallley University/Alpine School District, Workshops and Presentations

02/08/13   SIHB's Adeline Garcia Community Service Awards Banquet, Honoree

02/06/13   Enumclaw School District, Presentation

01/30/13   Antioch University First People's Program, "Facebook on a Shoe String"

12/15/12   Wing Luke Museum, Mockups Open House

12/14/12   Urban Indian Summit (at NMAI), Presentation

12/11/12   Corporation for National and Community Service, Workshop

12/08/12   National Museum of the American Indian, “Design Yourself: I AM NMAI” (12/01- 12/14)

12/01/12   Pink Line Project's "Salon Contra," Artist Talk

11/09/12   Date held

10/08/12   Opportunity Council, Keynote

08/14/12   Junior Achievement Camp, Presentation

08/03/12   Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians, Multi-day workshop

08/01/12   Federated Band of Graton Rancheria, Multi-day workshop

07/27/12   Date held pending verification

06/29/12   Culture and Technology Summer Program, Presentation

06/13/12   Nooksack High School Graduation, Keynote

06/08/12   Muckleshoot High School Graduation, Keynote

05/17/12   Hilbulb Cultural Center, Guest Lecture

05/10/12   UBC Museum of Anthropology, Remixing art and Indigeneity, Again (a dialogue)

04/19/12   ONABEN: Trading at the River, Keynote

04/16/12   Antioch University, Guest Lecture

04/14/12   Cowlitz Tribal Health Program (Seattle) - Presentation and Workshop

03/16/12   Frankfurt, Germany - Lecture and Workshop Tour of Germany via the US Embassy

03/15/12   Nuremberg, Germany - Lecture and Workshop Tour of Germany via the US Embassy

03/14/12   Leipzig, Germany - Lecture and Workshop Tour of Germany via the US Embassy

03/13/12   Leipzig, Germany - Lecture and Workshop Tour of Germany via the US Embassy

03/12/12   Leipzig, Germany - Lecture and Workshop Tour of Germany via the US Embassy

03/08/12   Student Leadership Conference at California State Polytechnic University, Keynote

12/04/11   Shenzen, China - Presentation at Gizmospring

11/10/11   South Puget Sound Community College

10/10/11   8th Annual Northwest Region Enrollment Conference

08/04/11   Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, Workshop and Presentation

07/26/11   Kent School District, Exploration Days

07/19/11   Kent School District, Workshop and Presentation

06/25/11   Evergreen State College, Custom Shoe Workshop

05/26/11   Portland School District’s Honor Day, Keynote

05/14/11   Renton School District’s Urban Indian Youth Day, Keynote

04/20/11   Eastern Washington University, Keynote

04/02/11   12th Annual American Indian Leadership Conference, Keynote

04/01/11   Salt Lake City Walk-In Center, Custom Shoe Workshop

03/31/11   Utah Valley University, Guest Lecture

03/10/11   Tulalip Tribe

01/27/11   Antioch University, Guest lecture

01/27/11   Muckleshoot Tribal School Potlatch

12/04/10   International District Housing Alliance

11/25/10   Toppenish School District, School Assembly

11/24/10   Wapato School District, School Assembly

11/23/10   Yakama Reservation Coalition

11/07/10   National Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, Keynote

10/08/10   National Indian Education Association, Keynote VIDEO

09/30/10   Northwest Indian College Symposium, Customs Workshop and Presentation

08/03/10   Federated Band of Graton Rancheria, Customs Workshop and Presentation

07/27/10   World Affairs Council, Custom Shoe Workshop for Iraqi youth at Jones Soda HQ

07/26/10   Native Youth Enrichment Program, Customs Workshop and Presentation

07/03/10   Cultural Teaching Institute, Featured Presenter

06/22/10   CJMQ Radio, Quebec

06/15/10   CFNR Classic Rock, British Columbia

06/09/10   United Indians of All Tribes, Native Youth Healing Circle

06/05/10   Haskell Indian Nations University- 2nd annual Summer Youth Leadership Challenge

05/22/10   Western Washington University, Keynote

05/06/10   Bellevue Art Museum, Artist’s Talk Series

05/06/10   Highline Community College API Month

04/26/10   Native America Calling, nationally syndicated radio program

04/10/10   16th Annual AIBL National Business & Leadership Conference, Keynote

04/03/10   Evergreen State College- “Art and Identity,” a series of 4 workshops

02/17/10   Kent School District, Custom Shoe Workshop

02/14/10   Aboriginal Fashion Showcase at 2010 Olympic Games, Featured Artist

01/16/10   KUOW Presents, Walking in Two Worlds with Louie Gong

12/02/09   Kent School District, Custom Shoe Workshop

11/30/09   Seattle Central Community College

11/04/09   3 Day Art Exhibit begins at the American Indian Film Festival

08/03/09   KJMQ Radio, Quebec

08/23/09   CBC Radio, British Columbia

07/23/09   National Tribal TANF Institute, Keynote

06/03/09   Native America Calling, Nationally Syndicated Radio

06/11/09   North Kitsap Opportunity Conference, Keynote

04/01/09   (Break to work on Native Cases Project)

03/07/09   Washington Education Association

02/14/09   Western Washington Native American Education Consortium Conference, 

01/30/09   Muckleshoot Tribal College

01/16/09   Muckleshoot Tribal College

12/19/08   Muckleshoot Tribal College

12/05/08   Kitsap County Council for Human Rights

11/12/08   University of Washington School of Education 

10/23/08   National Indian Education Association 

10/06/08   National Urban Indian Family Coalition 

09/08/08   Antioch University 

Speaking and Workshops