Spider Woman Wool Blanket – North Winds Series

  • $350.00

about the artist

My name is Lynda Teller Pete, a Diné (Navajo) artist whose family weaving tradition stretches back over seven generations. My family is internationally renowned for our award-winning tapestries, which we weave in both our traditional Two Grey Hills regional styles while branching out into our own personal styles. As a weaver and artist, I collaborate with fiber art centers, museums, universities, fiber guilds, and other art venues to educate the public about Navajo history and the preservation of our Navajo weaving traditions. Through the work of myself, my family, and my fellow Diné weavers, Navajo weaving will not succumb to colonization and disappear. Unlike our elder Navajo weavers, people will know our names; they will see our faces, know our stories, and they will hear our songs and our prayers on each tapestry that we create.