Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo)

Michelle "Milo" Lowden (b.1989) is the proud founder and owner of Milo Creations which specializes in hand-painted Pueblo jewelry. An Inspired Natives Collaborator since 2014, she is the first arts entrepreneur to participate Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives Project.

Michelle is the youngest of two, born to Roberta Charlie and Aaron Lowden, both from the Pueblo of Acoma. She currently operates and resides on the Pueblo of Acoma Reservation in New Mexico.

Michelle's "Reflection" wool blanket

Her inspiration to reconnect to traditional designs through a contemporary medium began with studying her family's history of illustrious potters. (e.g. Marie Z. Chino and Carrie Chino Charlie). Michelle has been creating jewelry for over five years now, specializing in Southwest geometric designs that feature intricate line work and vibrant colors.

Michelle's Embrace Your Beauty earrings feature a color palette inspired by the orange seashell earrings with turquoise accents commonly found in Pueblo Country

Michelle is currently in the process of receiving her Associates in Business at the New Mexico State University-Grants Campus. She plans for Milo Creations to become more than a jewelry company and appeal to a diverse audience.

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