We're on the Cover of British Vogue

The best secrets are the hardest to keep, and we are over the (flower) moon that we finally get to share this secret with you: Eighth Generation's Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket is on the cover of British Vogue!

A man with slicked back hair looks straight at the camera while wearing a black turtleneck; a woman stands in front of him in profile draped in a Native American blanketLily Gladstone (Blackfeet) and Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of British Vogue for October 2023; photograph by Craig McDean; photo courtesy British Vogue; Lily is wearing our Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket designed by Louie Gong (Nooksack)

Designed by our founder Louie Gong (Nooksack) and modeled by the stunning Blackfeet actress Lily Gladstone and Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, our Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket is front and center on the October 2023 issue of British Vogue, and appears inside together with incredible fashion and accessories by a host of other amazing Indigenous artists. The cover story is an interview with both actors about their roles in the upcoming blockbuster Killers of the Flower Moon, which is a real-life drama about the Osage Nation murders in the 1920s. (Read the article here)

“This British Vogue cover is a celebration of Native excellence and beauty,” shares our CEO Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee, Athabascan). “Eighth Generation is itself a celebration of Native excellence and beauty, so our inclusion on the cover is so natural. We are honored to be modeled by Lily Gladstone, who is such a powerhouse actress and force in the Native community, and thrilled to be featured alongside so many other incredible Native designers, artists, and brands in this issue.” 

A Native American woman in a mauve dress sits next to a man wearing a black suit, also seatedLily Gladstone is wearing several designers, including a dress by Jaime Okuma (Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock) and is sitting on our Butterfly Dreams Throw Blanket by John Isaiah Pepion (Piikani/Blackfeet);  photograph by Craig McDean; photo courtesy British Vogue

Several more of Eighth Generation’s products appear in photos with Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone, including our Butterfly Dreams Throw Blanket by John Isaiah Pepion (Piikani/Blackfeet), and alongside fashion and accessories by Eighth Generation artists and collaborators including Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe), Jamie Okuma (Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock), and an upcoming collaborator Pat Pruitt (Laguna, Chiricahua Apache), who will release a new blanket with us this winter.

Having Eighth Generation products made by the people native to North America appear in a major European and global fashion magazine will help to take our work to new audiences. And, just as important, it will help amplify our message of "Native American art is for everyone—just buy it from an actual Native American artist."

“A big part of the work we do at Eighth Generation is educating the public that yes, they can buy from us,” says Colleen. “Native American art and design is real American art and design, and it belongs in every home in America. If you want to honor the place you live in, represent the land you live on, then bring Native American art into your home. Have an authentically Native-designed blanket on your couch or bed, hang art by a First Nations artist on your wall, drink your morning coffee from a mug designed by an Indigenous artist. Those are all real ways you can support Native artists, Native businesses, and Native communities.”

A woman and man stand next to each other. The woman is Native and wears a black and white wool blanket around her shouldersLily Gladstone stands next to Leonardo DiCaprio while wearing Louie Gong's Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket for the October story in British Vogue; photograph by Craig McDean; photo courtesy British Vogue 


Since the day it launched as one of our first ever wool blankets, Louie's Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket has been a best-seller. “The Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket embodies the Eighth Generation spirit,” says Louie. “It was part of the first run of wool blankets Eighth Generation created, it’s deeply representative of me and where I’m from, and it’s transformative because at the time, all of the work on the market was either fake Native inspired art, or only represented stereotypes of Native people.”

"I'm really proud that my family is Nooksack and Squamish. Both of those communities are in the middle of the Coast Salish cultural region. The aesthetics of the Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket closely reflect the aesthetics that my ancestors were creating before white people ever arrived in the region that I'm from. There's tons of  power in reclaiming aesthetics and culture in this way, and I think that the power of reclamation is embedded in the Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket."


The Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket was designed by Gong after extensively researching traditional Coast Salish weaving patterns and techniques. Before Gong was creating art on a commercial scale, Coast Salish art was rarely represented in contemporary textiles; the Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket is one of the best examples of Coast Salish art available to people across the globe.


"I'm not surprised that the editorial team at British Vogue chose Louie's Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket for the cover photo," said Colleen. "It's iconic of this area, but also wholly unique. The black and white patterning is striking, and of course it looks just as amazing in person as it photographs. The Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket was the very first Eighth Generation blanket I bought for myself because this place and this blanket’s story is that important to me.” 


Our Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket is available for sale in our store and online here, and be sure to check out British Vogue's October issue to see the stunning photos of Eighth Generation and other Native designers. The issue hits stands in Europe on September 26 and in the US sometime in October.

 The Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket makes any bed a movie star!