A Love Letter to our Postman

Our USPS carrier is an elder, so we are constantly amazed when he jumps out of his mini-truck and dashes the 30 feet to our warehouse.  After a quick hello and a smile, he grabs the first load of packages and takes it back to his truck. We hurry to help him before he's finished - then he's rolling on to the next stop. 

Regardless of rain, snow - or even a world wide pandemic - he makes a 100 stops like this every day.  We recently learned that he was injured on the job, so we make this post in honor of him. We really appreciate and value his kind and patient demeanor, especially during our busiest shipping days.

Eighth Generation needs USPS. Our brick and mortar store at Pike Place Market has been closed for 6 months, forcing us to depend solely on online sales. This means that we rely on shipping in order to complete every single sale. At a time when our small business is more dependent on USPS than ever before, we are scared by the recent attacks on this essential part of our distribution chain.

Like so many people who support the USPS in theory, we were wondering about what kind of action would be helpful.  So, the next time that small white truck rolled up to the warehouse, we asked if buying stamps and sending mail would make a difference in USPS funding. The driver said, "Absolutely! This is big time! This is the year that matters."

Here are a couple of quick ways we can support USPS:

  1. Text USPS to 50409. This text automatically sends a letter to your local representatives urging them to take action.
  2. Buy stamps and send letters, post cards and photos to your friends and family.
  3. Choose USPS Shipping when Shopping Online