"Two Spirit" Blanket Development Survey

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the development of Eighth Generation's "Two Spirit" blanket! The goal of this project is to re-establish reverence for Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Native people through the general symbolism of an honor blanket and the artwork on it.

In general, we are referring to this project as the "Two Spirit" blanket. While this term will be serving as our working title for the time being, we recognize both the benefits and the limitations of this term and are open to input on name ideas. We would like to include as broad of a scope of voices and experiences in the development of this blanket as possible.

We have compiled this short survey to serve as a jumping off point for this project. Please feel free to share your feedback, but know you are not obligated to share information through this survey. The content collected here will be incorporated into a broader assessment that Eighth Generation will use to make decisions. By sharing information thought this survey, you are voluntarily contributing ideas that may be incorporated into the larger assessment. This survey represents just the first stage in this process - we will be following up to conduct more in-depth conversations later.

Thank you for your feedback!