Congrats to the Winner! 2019 Wool Blanket Design Contest

After a difficult review of over 200 wonderful submissions, which we shortlisted to the first and second round of semi-finalists, then narrowed down to the final four, the Eighth Generation team has finally decided on a winner. 

Since our last post, the Eighth Generation team has conducted phone interviews with the four finalists, including Fox Spears(Karuk), Sydney Jacobs(Mohawks of Akwesasne), Geo Neptune(Passamaquoddy of Indian Township), and Carol Douglas(Northern Arapaho - Seminole Nation of Oklahoma). We have so much respect and admiration for all the finalists, and loved the idea of working with every single one of them. Nevertheless, a decision had to be made. 

We're delighted to announce that the winner of the 2019 Wool Blanket Design Contest is... Geo Neptune! Please join us in congratulating them by leaving a comment and following them on their social media. 


"Apikcilu Binds the Sun" 2018

Geo grew up on the Passamaquoddy reservation of Indian Township, Maine. They currently reside and work there today. Geo has been making baskets since they were 4 years old, primarily learning from their grandmother, Molly.

"Piluwapiyit: The Powerful One" 2018

Geo primarily works with black ash and sweet grass to make contemporary versions of traditional Wabanaki baskets. Geo says "we have been weaving with black ash for thousands of years." 


"Spirit Road" 2017

Geo is currently working with Wabanaki Public Health by coordinating the Nutokehkimucik program, an intensive traditional arts based program designed to empower youth with the skills necessary to practice and teach traditional art forms. They also work in the wider non-native community, educating the public about Wabanaki culture, history, and political struggles. 


Photo by Galen Fletcher, Walker Art Center 

Geo is a proud queer, non-binary and genderfluid Two-Spirit! Geo is also a Drag Queen, and says that "drag is very much where many levels of my identity and art intersect, overlap and interact!" Geo describes that their sexuality and gender are a big part of what they do and the art they make. You can watch the awesome video Geo was featured in called Inqueery: Indigenous Identity and the Significance of the Term "Two-Spirit", which Geo filmed for them., an LGBTQ community platform.


Photo captured by Christina Wnek

Geo states they've "always admired Eighth Generation's ability and passion to bring authentic Indigenous art into the public view, and the ways in which the company works to constantly find new definitions of what it means to be indigenous."


"Ceremony of the Singing Stars" 2017 is a tribute for Pride month and the victims of the Pulse Orlando massacre

Geo expresses they are incredibly thankful for this opportunity to work with Eighth Generation, and is even more excited to demonstrate to Passamaquoddy youth the ways in which their culture can have an impact on the rest of the world.

We are so excited to work with you, Geo!