Sustainability Sale 2023

One of Eighth Generation's core values is sustainability. From looking for more sustainable packaging to using recycled materials in our products (like our Hip Bags), we work to be as sustainable as we possibly can while being proud participants in the global economy. 

With that goal in mind, we're excited to announce our first-ever Sustainability Sale, which will take place online April 13-14, 2023

Our Gold Label Collection features heirloom-quality wool textiles we knit right here in our Seattle studio. We have incredibly high standards for this collection, and each blanket or scarf sold goes through a rigorous quality control check before it's sold, ensuring each piece is 100% flawless. 

Wolf Spirit Gold Label Throw Blanket by David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian) is a black, white, and red wool blanket with a Northwest Coast formline wolf head and human spirit faceWolf Spirit Gold Label Throw Blanket by David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian) 


As you can imagine, this means we sometimes find small dropped stitches, color speckles, or other minor flaws in our Gold Label blankets, baby blankets, and scarves. These pieces are not sold to the public as part of our normal Gold Label Collection and are considered "seconds." However, with skillful repair work where necessary by our talented team or the customer not minding slight color speckles, they are still beautiful, usable, and authentic Native textiles that could be enjoyed. 

We've taken these pieces with minor flaws, had our team repair them by hand where needed, and give them the same thorough-yet-gentle cleaning, steaming, and packaging, making them ready to be part of our first-ever Sustainability Sale

Maple Sugar Gold Label Wool Scarf by Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe) is a pink, orange, and white wool scarf with maple leaf designs.Maple Sugar Gold Label Wool Scarf by Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe), modeled by Giani Moses (Tulalip)


Here are the main types of flaws you will see in the Gold Label items in our Sustainability Sale:

  1. Darns. Sometimes the machines will drop one or more stitches, resulting in a small hole. We repair these by hand, using the same yarn as the product. After washing and steaming, darns are usually very hard to find. Seen in: Throw Blankets, Scarves, Baby Blankets

  2. Repaired edges. Sometimes an item will unravel a tiny bit at the bind off (top edge of the item, usually at the corner), and we repair these by hand using the same yarn as the product. These repairs are subtle, and are often hard to find.
    Seen in: Throw Blankets, Scarves, Baby Blankets

  3. Flecks. This is caused by a machine issue where a single stitch of a different color shows up at random in the design. It is a result of the knit structure and the settings on the machine—typically we allow up to 6 or 7 flecks per full size throw, but more than that and we designate it as a “second.”
    Seen in: Throw Blankets, most often Wolf Spirit

  4. “Split ends.” This occurs in sections of the Good Life where the yarn is under a lot of tension due to the structure of the blanket – specifically in the pinstripe sections of this one design. It shows up as little wispy bits of yarn, ¼” long or less, that stand up at random on those narrow pinstripes. If there are too many split ends in one area, and we are worried it will impact the structural integrity of the blanket will not be for sale (those blankets we recycle as upcycled stockings and pillows, using only the structurally-sound portions in the new item). Any blankets in the Sustainability Sale with wispy pinstripes due to "split ends" should still be structurally sound.
    Seen in: Good Life Throw Blanket

  5. Random issues. This can include yarn issues, where bits of a different color were accidentally spun together at the mill, resulting in a random stripe of color in the blanket. Very rare, but it has happened and one of these otherwise perfect blankets is in the sale!

View our great Instagram Reel that shows you our team repairing these blankets in action! All textiles in our Sustainability Sale are repaired by hand (if needed), and get the same washing, drying, and steaming treatment as all of our full-price Gold Label items.

Coast Salish Baby Blanket in black and white features geometric patterns that mimic traditional Coast Salish weaving designsCoast Salish Pattern Baby Blanket by Louie Gong (Nooksack), modeled by Temryss Lane and Aquila Lane (Lummi Nation)


Hosting a Sustainability Sale for our Gold Label Collection does several things:

  1. It keeps these "seconds" but still beautiful textiles out of the landfill. What could otherwise end up polluting our earth instead can be a cherished blanket or scarf, keeping you warm, cozy, and stylish.
  2. These "seconds" quality items are, of course, being offered at a greatly reduced price. That means they're accessible and affordable to a wider range of people, so everyone has a chance to own an authentic Native-designed wool blanket. 

We're excited to give these "seconds" textiles a second life, and thank you for supporting our small, Native-owned business and our efforts towards sustainability! Our Sustainability Sale starts at 10am Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday, April 13. Don't miss out!