Potholes to Climate Change: Inspiring GO VOTE Artwork

Want different healthcare options, attention to climate change, fair play for LGBTQ and BIPOC citizens, potholes filled or even just some green grass at your local park? Voting is the way to make it happen. 

Unfortunately, the weight of the current social and political climate can be immobilizing, and some of us may be doubting the power of our vote to create change. With this in mind, we took some time to gather our favorite GO VOTE art from around the country. 

Please enjoy these inspiring pieces, and if you feel compelled, share them to your social networks. Just remember to credit the artist by name and link back to their pages.


Artwork by: Alyssa Masaquaptewa (Hopi)
Winner of the National Urban Indian Family Coalition Native Vote 2020 campaign.
Artwork by: Yuko Shimizu
Commissioned by: Norman Rockwell Museum
Design by: Atelier Olschinsky
Artwork by: Ambrojah
Artwork by: Kevin Coochwytewa (Isleta Pueblo/Hopi)
Artwork by: Ashley Lukashevsky
Collaboration with: Logo

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