Our Favorite Pet Photos from our Wool Blanket Giveaway!

In a recent Wool Blanket Giveaway, we asked our customers to send in their pet photos. We received hundreds of adorable submissions, so we decided to highlight them in a blog post! 

We asked our staff to choose some of their favorites, although this proved to be difficult as there were so many cute pictures. Here is list of what they chose, as well as what they had to say: 

Avu - "The Aussie on the Rose Hip Warrior blanket looks so pretty and soft!"

Freckles - "The hen named freckles stood out from the crowd!"

 Miss Lucy the Hamster - "She's absolutely adorable." 

Ciabatta Bun - "An opinionated, but also sensitive and affectionate bunny? We love it!"


Brutas - "He’s big and kind and I love his distinct Alaskan fashion sense."

 Nuggets - "This is too cute! Gotta stay dry when it's raining!" 

 Discount (DC)"She looks so cozy! Would love to snuggle her!"

Monkey - "This cat is cute and funny showing off to its owner what it has captured." 

 Tyler - "He looks like he's enjoying the wool blanket. We love seeing pets snuggled in our blankets!"

Big Donald - "Big Donald looks gentle and kind, yet sophisticated." 

Niles and Eddie the Bunzillas - "So fluffy and cute!"

A big thank you to everyone that submitted their pets!We all enjoyed looking through all the adorable photos. Congratulations to the random winner chosen,  Connie Hall, who received the Two Spirit Wool Blanket!