Meet the Adorable Eighth Generation Pets!

Here at Eighth Generation, we love pets! In fact, pets are welcome at our Pike Place Store. Many of our staff are pet owners, so we decided to highlight them in a blog post. Check out the staff's beautiful furry friends below!

Meet Maosie, a 9-year-old tabby. Nickname: Rez Cat 

 Eighth Generation founder Louie Gong (Nooksack) with his cat Maosie. 

In 2010, Louie adopted Maosie -  a scruffy-looking wild tabby kitten at the time -  from the Muckleshoot Reservation. Since then, Maosie has been commonly featured in Louie's art, including the new vibrant "Follow Your Dreams" throw blanket"Good Day, Bad Day" Giclee Print, and "Rez Cat Forgives His Enemies" Giclee Print. His favorite treats include canned salmon and elk jerky!

Introducing Buddy, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd. Nicknames: Bud, Cutie, Cutiepie, My Son

Buddy striking a pose at our Seattle studio headquarters with our "Embrace Your Beauty" Crew Socks, designed by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo). 

Buddy loves to go to the beach with his owner Adriana Perrusquia (Yup'ik), who is our Communications Specialist. He also likes to play with soccer balls and always wants to be the center of attention. Buddy's favorite treats are turkey and chicken!

Here's Toby, a 9-year-old Sheltie. Nicknames: Tobes, Booba, Mr. T

Louie cuddling with Toby, who is wrapped in a Seeking Hozho (Sold Out) Wool Blanket. 

Presenting Toby - a cute, friendly, and cuddly Sheltie - who loves to go on long walks with his owner, our Project Manager Serene Lawrence (Hopi/Anishinaabe). He also likes rolling around on the floor and playing with his stuffed dog animals, which include Husky and Bernese Mountain doggy toys. 

Say hi to Sora, a 2-year-old Akita. Nicknames: Cutie, Mamas, Wiggle Butt

 Sora with her owner Adriana, rocking a "Salish Pattern" Silk Scarf

Sora loves to take apart anything that's plush, then take out all the stuffing, so she goes through various toys, and sometimes manages to get her paws on an occasional pillow. She also enjoys going to the park - not to play, just to sniff the ground the entire time. Sora also loves chicken - so much that she ate almost an entire Costco rotisserie chicken back in May that she snuck off the kitchen table. No worries though, she's okay!

Here's Merble, she declined to answer questions on how old she is - she says a lady never reveals her age! Nicknames: Merbalena, Marble, Ms. Merb, Merbikins, Toasted Marshmellow, Pumpkin, Fancy Ms. Merb

 Merble looking jazzy with a hat and glasses. 

Merble loves to snuggle with her owner Kim Kroeker, who is our current Graphic Design Lead. While Merble has been on a diet since she's on the fluffier side, she occasionally likes to nibble on Kim's arm.  

Say hello to Alice, a 4-year-old black kitty. Nicknames: Little Nugget, Nugget, Nug, Alice Malice

Here Alice is judging her owner Kim. 

This beautiful cat enjoys hunting! She's a fierce huntress and enjoys chasing fruit flies. She does a great job at keeping the insects out of Kim's home. Alice also loves to sit next to Kim when she's designing at home with her computer to ask for pats. 

Meet Zeus, a 6-year-old, 85 lb, Rednose American Staffordshire Terrier. Nicknames: Zeusy, Bruce, Puppy of Thunder and Lightning, Zeusy Goosey

 Zeus posing in a "Salish Pattern" Wool Blanket with his owner Stephanie. Photo taken by Rafael Reese

This handsome pup loves to go on long walks with his owner Stephanie Masterman (Tlingit), who is our Store Manager. Zeus also loves to go lake and river swimming. He knows how to stay, sit, handshake on both paws, roll over, catch fly balls, and jump through a hula hoop. His favorite treat is bananas!

Presenting Simon, a 13-year-old, blue-eyed silky grey Siamese. Nicknames: Si-Si, Simon Jay Kitten, Mow-mow

Simon is snuggled up bed here. If you look closely, you can spot "Rez Cat Forgives His Enemies" by Louie Gong (Nooksack) in the background! 

According to his owner Stephanie, this Siamese cat is fond of knocking stuff over in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. He likes to go on long adventures, and even ran away for about 5 months before coming back home. Simon also wears a top hat, bow tie, and spectacles. He drives a smart car in his real life!

Introducing Eviee, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever. Nickname: Evieeson

 Eviee out on an adventure looking majestic at Crownpoint, NM, with her owners, Starr and Eric. 

Eviee is the chillest dog you'll ever meet as she loves to lay on her back most of the time. She also loves hanging out with her owner Eric, who is the partner of our Studio Assistant Starr Warner (Diné).

Say hi to Sophia, a 9-month-old Husky puppy. Nickname: Soph

 Sophia out on a hike with her humans.

Sophia is a lively pup that likes to chase after cats and play tug of war. She loves any sort of treat you offer her. Also, she's teething so she likes to chew on anything she can get her paws on. According to her owner Starr, she talks all the time - she lays on her back and talks for an hour every day! She even argues with her other owner Eric.