The Eighth Generation Movement by INSPADES Magazine

The international art and photography community is taking note of our innovative, artist-centric business practices! Check out some highlights from our feature in the June edition of INSPADES where Louie discusses how Eighth Generation is burgeoning a movement from our small studio space in Seattle that's creating opportunities for cultural artists all over.

"Art is like any natural resource. If we allow big companies to keep taking and taking from it without nurturing the environments that are creating it in the first place, eventually we destroy that resource."

"Whereas in the past, a lot of my work around this issue was motivated or energized by outrage, now I realize that although outrage can be an important part of trying to make a difference, creating a strong Native-owned alternative and then packaging the information in a way that is palpable to mainstream is even more important. "

"We also need to be doing the consumer-education piece effectively. That's something that Eighth Generation takes on. In doing that and reaching a broader audience, we're helping to create economic opportunities for other Native artists."

"We represent more than just an aesthetic or a product with quality—we represent a movement."

Read the whole interview here on the INSPADES website!