Father's Day Gift Guide

There's no better time than Father's Day to let dads and father figures know how much we appreciate all they do. Show your dad some love with an intentional and inspirational Father's Day gift by Native artists from Eighth Generation and friends. Our Father's Day gift guide showcases some of our favorite gifts, offering beautifully crafted Native designs that let you show dad how special he truly is. 

Best Father's Day gifts this year

Eighth Generation's top Father's Day gift ideas this year offer a bold blend of artistic expression and everyday functionality—all designed by Native artists. 

One of Eighth Generation's top gifts is our heirloom-quality Wolf Spirit Throw Blanket. Designed by David Robert Boxley (Tlingit), a master carver and world-renowned artist, this exquisite wool blanket is knit right here in our Seattle studio and features a striking design in black, white, and red. Our Gold Label line of Native-designed wool blankets are also the first wool blankets produced by a Native company in the US on a commercial scale, making them extra-special. 

A man in a white shirt holds his toddler baby on a blue couch. Our Wolf Spirit Gold Label Throw Blanket

Another great gift for dad made in our Seattle studio is our beautiful Earth Day Mini Framed Print by Eighth Generation artist collaborator Bethany Fackrell (Snoqualmie). This fine art print is perfect for brightening Dad's favorite space, where he can celebrate the gift of family and Earth every day. Framed and signed by the artist, Fackrell's Earth Day print features a "land back" theme with colorful splashes of flora native to the Pacific Northwest. Ten percent of the print's sales go to the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement. That's a win for everyone.

ThunderVoice Hat Company is a great Native-owned business full of Dad's Day favorites. Company founder and artist ThunderVoice Eagle (Navajo-Totonoc) uses only reclaimed materials which provides a unique take on the classic Navajo brim hat while also helping the environment. The ThunderVoice Return to Nature series is a top pick that features hatbands containing everything your father needs for harmonious communion with the outdoors.

Eight Generation certainly has unique gift options, whether your dad is an art lover or outdoor adventurer. Yet there are many more Native-designed gifts to explore, each sure to warm your father's heart and put a great big grin on his face.


Apparel is always a hit when it's time to celebrate dad, and Eighth Generation has a great selection of Native-designed apparel perfect for Father's Day gift-giving. Whether socks, scarves, or more, Eighth Generation's apparel makes for thoughtful and stylish gifts that dad can proudly wear every day. 

Socks are a great way to let dad know you care while keeping his toes warm and comfy. Buffalo Medicine Crew Socks by John Isiah Pepion (Blackfeet-Piikani) are Father's Day favorites that honor the continuous "power and sacrifice" of the buffalo. Eighth Generation is also proud to feature Tribute Socks by the man behind OXDX Clothing, Jared Yazzie (Dine). These crowd-pleasing crew socks are adapted from Yazzie's wool blanket design that pays "tribute" to his grandmothers' creations.

Eighth Generation's Native-designed scarves are another fantastic way to enhance dad's wardrobe with a splash of color while keeping him bundled up in cooler weather. The Gail White Eagle (Muckleshoot & Chehalis) designed First Light Scarf is a classic, made at our Eighth Generation studio in Seattle using 100% Merino wool. The navy blue and forest green colored scarf oozes positive energy with its blend of traditional weaving design and modern flair that your father can wear with pride.


Year after year of gifting can make it hard to find something new for your father. So, Eighth Generation and our Native partners offer a broad collection of accessories that make for uniquely memorable Father's Day gifts dad doesn’t already have tucked away in a closet. 

Lingít/Kanien'kehá:ka and Māori earrings and bracelet designs by Moonture Studio are some of our favorite Father's Day accessories. These soulfully crafted works of art provide powerful expressions of Native heritage dad is sure to cherish for years to come. 

Trickster Company is another favorite founded by brother and sister team Rico and Crystal Worl (Tlingit Athabascan). Their offerings blend traditional Northwest Coast art with a vibrant modern energy fathers find delightfully infectious. Trickster designs are a great way to keep dad active and youthful, from classic jewelry and apparel to skateboards and basketballs. Trickster's playing cards and coasters are perfect for game night with dad.

Gift Sets

Searching for the right Father's Day gift can be frustrating when one gift doesn't seem to be enough. Luckily, Eighth Generation has you covered with various gift set ideas that save you hassle while ensuring dad has an unforgettable Father's Day celebration. 

Animal Relatives Demi Espresso Mug Set

Take dad's morning blast of caffeine ritual to another level with this collection of ceramic mugs featuring colorful animal designs by four of Eighth Generation's Inspired Native collaborators. The animal designs are representative of the symbiotic relationship the creatures have with nature in each artist's region. 

Mug Designs include:

  • Bee Supportive by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo) 
  • Hummingbird and Elderberries by Louie Gong (Nooksack) 
  • Water Lynx by Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe-Ojibwe) 
  • Wolf Trail by John Isiah Pepion (Blackfeet-Piikani)

The Animal Relatives Demi Espresso Mug Set is tailor-made for coffee drinkers, yet the mugs can serve many functions, from toothpick holders to jewelry trays. In addition, each set comes packaged in an Eighth Generation-branded gift box, making it a fun yet meaningful Father's Day gift.

Handcrafted Soap Variety 4-Pack

Keep dad refreshed and clean with Eighth Generation's collection of handcrafted soaps. Each soap is made with soothing Saponified oils of olive and coconut, essential oils, and other natural ingredients native to the Pacific Northwest. In addition, each bar of soap features colorful swirling designs with a stylized imprint of the plant or element it highlights. 

The variety pack includes one each of Huckleberry Nettle, Sea and Cedar, Sunrise Sage, and Sweet Birch, each infused with pleasing natural scents dad is sure to love. In addition, each 5.5-ounce bar of soap in the Handcrafted Soap Variety 4-Pack is also available individually in our flagship store. 

Create Your Own Gift Set

Do-It-Yourself gift sets are another great option if you want to customize a Father's Day gift. A Coast Salish Tote Bag designed by Eighth Generation's founder Louie Gong is a great place to start. Then, select from other Eighth Generation creations, such as beach towels, mugs, socks, and notebooks, and just like that, dad will have a personalized goodie bag. Finally, cap it off with the Gong-designed Good Medicine Enamel Pin for a finishing touch that is sure to surround your dad with good vibes wherever he goes. 

Where can I find the best Father's Day gifts?

Eighth Generation is proud to be your source for 100% Native-designed Father's Day gifts. Each piece designed by our Native collaborators and friends tells a timeless yet deeply personal story any father is sure to cherish. So, give your dad the gift of inspired Native designs for Father's Day and shop the Eighth Generation collection today.