CNN's Great Big Story shows the world how we're "Reclaiming Native American Art"

"There is a great demand for cultural art in today’s market, with everything from clothing to home goods and jewelry featuring Native American-inspired designs. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are counterfeit, using appropriated designs by non-Native artists. Now, Louie Gong is reclaiming his heritage through Eighth Generation, a company that merges the traditional works of Native artists with a modern aesthetic. " - The Great Big Story

Our scrappy little company is very proud of the short video published by CNN's The Great Big Story last week.  In addition to telling the Eighth Generation story, this piece will help inform hundreds of thousands - maybe millions - of people about the economic consequences of counterfeit Native art. With this message in mind, we believe customers will be more likely to choose to support Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired" -- and that will lead to an increase in opportunities for all Native artists and art entrepreneurs.

Here are a few cell phone snaps from behind the scenes:

Jorge demonstrates how our phone cases are assembled at our Seattle studios. Putting tiny abalone veneer inlays together with a CNN videographer looking over your shoulder isn't easy!

Avery demonstrates how our jewelry is assembled, as Jorge and Kendra get ready for their turn on camera.

Jorge showcases the gritty side of our work as he puts the finishing touches on wood cases at the spray booth.

Avery models the new Guardians blanket. A little smaller than our other wool blankets, it's the first offering in our new "Journey Blanket" series.

Kim (behind the blanket) shows off the Tree of Life blanket we designed and produced for the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomie. It's one of many custom blanket projects that we've completed for tribes and organizations over the past two years.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!