Check out our all-star lineup of artists in residence for this summer!

We've got art, culture and performance all summer long at the Pike Place Market store!

In collaboration with the Evergreen Longhouse and First Peoples Fund, Eighth Generation will be hosting three amazing local artists in the Busted Knuckle Gallery:

  • Joe Seymour (Squaxin Island/Acoma)
  • RYAN! Feddersen (Colville/Okanogan/Arrow Lakes)
  • Emily Washines (Yakama/Cree/Skokomish).

Each artist will have free reign to produce their own art show or programming over the course of a weekend, and we can't wait to see what they come up with!

In keeping with our artist-centric approach to business, our Residents will keep the money from any sales they make during the course of their residency.  They will also have plenty of opportunity to consult with Louie about the development of their arts related business activities.

Drop by to check out some cool art and support Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired"!

Need help finding us? Directions on how to get to our store here.