Back To School with Eighth Generation

It’s back to school season! Whether you’re headed off to the first grade, kicking it as a high school sophomore, or taking on your college campus, we have great ideas to make your back to school rock. We asked a few of our team what their essential back to school items are to share with you. 

Louie (Nooksack), our Founder and CEO said his summer essential growing up was “a haircut after going wild all summer.” Finance Manager Dustin also immediately thought of looking smart for school, saying that a good pair of pants was on his back to school list. 

We don't sell pants, but Eric (Navajo), our Shipping & Production Lead, is rocking the Our Home Shirt by Louie Gong (Nooksack) and Embrace Your Beauty Socks by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo)

Our newest team member and Community Engagement & Retail Specialist, Rhiannon (Pascua Yaqui and Diné), had just two words to express their must-have for back to school: “Sticky notes.” Whether you’re using them for to-do lists, making notes in textbooks, or labeling your food in the fridge (hands off, roomies!) Post-its are some of the most versatile items you can have on hand. Plus, they’re great for helping color code and organize your class notes. 

Post-its and our Balance Notebook by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo) 

Speaking of notes, notebooks were the go-to item for most of the staff. Special Projects Manager Adri (Yupik) says “I would say the biggest thing for me is notebooks and pens.” Our Warehouse Associate Alli also has a strong pen and notebook bias, saying “I’m an artist so I love pens, and I have to have the right one for the job I’m doing.” (She recommends Muji, Pilot G2, and Micron pens, plus plain old Bic #2 mechanical pencils, by the way.) 

With all these notebook enthusiasts, it is no wonder Eighth Generation has such a variety to choose from. With eight designs and two sizes, there is a style that suits everyone. Smooth, unlined paper and a handy ribbon bookmark make our notebooks a dream to write and draw in. Product Development Lead Kim’s favorite is our black on black Coast Salish Pattern Notebook, while Alli shares that her favorite is the Oregon Potlatch Notebook followed closely by Way Of Life

Renewal Notebook and Renewal Mug by Sarah Agaton Howes (Ojibwe)

A true Virgo, Steph (Tlingit), our Retail & Special Projects Manager, says “I’m obsessed with stationary. I’m always looking for a good planner; I go hard with the organizational stuff.” As a senior at University of Washington, Steph has had some time to come up with a good list of essentials for college kids, sharing “I already bought myself a new, strong backpack. You also need good walking shoes! You’re going to walk all over campus.”  

Adri says her essentials are notebooks and pens, but that's only because her dog Buddy won't fit in a backpack

Steph isn’t the only one who stresses the importance of a good backpack; Kim shared that as her back to school essential item. “You need a hefty backpack,” she says, “one that straps around your middle.” Finance Manager Dustin shared that if you’re looking for a tote and not a backpack for your textbooks, he favors our Dancing Dragonflies Tote Bag. “Dragonflies have good back to school energy,” he says. “They’re just zooming around like kids at recess.” 

Decorating your dorm or apartment? Going from “bland” to “bam!” is easy (and renter-friendly) with one of our colorful blankets. Cotton throws for just a bit of warmth and wool blankets for drafty dorms add color while keeping you comfortable. Another way to add some color is with our mini prints. Add them to your walls (3M Command Strips mean you can hang them without damaging walls) or to your desk for a dash of flavor.  

Our Reflection Wool Blanket by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo) brings color to any space

A final necessary item for your list? Alli thinks hoodies are essential back to school gear. “Why are hoodies so important? They just are,” is her stance. We agree! What’s on your list?