3 Absolutely Free Ways to Support Small Businesses like Eighth Generation

We're all feeling it. The COVID-19 pandemic is a severe and unpredictable burden, both conscientious consumers and small business have been hurting. So, in this time of economic uncertainty, how can people who love our products, artist support, or high levels of community engagement (read about our recent donation of 10,000 masks) support our work without depleting precious resources?

Here are 3 quick free ways you can support us and other small businesses:

1. Leave An Online Review - 5 minutes

If you've had a good experience ordering from a website, shopping at a store, or eating at restaurant, this is the perfect time to share the good news. Sharing your positive experience will help your favorite small business owners stand out in a business environment that's more challenging than any time in history. 
While Eighth Generation's ratings are nearly perfect, we've occasionally had people give us poor ratings in response to the social stances that we've taken. One example is our commitment to banning Redskins clothing from our store.  Another example is our effort to support Indigenous Peoples Day in lieu of Columbus Day. Your reviews help buffer against this kind of retaliation, and ensure that we can continue to let our values lead our business practices.

2. Share a Post to Social Media - 2 minutes

Word of mouth is the most effective kind of marketing for small businesses, who are often struggling to compete against companies with much larger marketing budgets. This means that YOU can strengthen businesses like Eighth Generation by simply sharing an Instagram or Facebook post - or even sharing this blog post - with your networks! 
Or, during your next Zoom session - open the call by asking the group to share the name of their favorite small businesses. 

3. Tag Some Friends on a Post - 1 Minute

Even tagging a few friends on a post can bring some shine to people who really need it! You can expose your friends to some great small businesses this way. 

Thank you for all your continued support during this time. Our small business appreciates it very much!