Stunning Masks from Across the Globe!

Our team scoured the globe for some of the coolest and most interesting face mask designs. From the fun and flashy to protest statements and cultural representation, we were inspired by how difficult circumstances can spark creativity - and how art can symbolize our collective resilience. 

1. Flashy yet sophisticated, television presenter and actor Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye AKA Folu Storms wears a beautiful jeweled fashion mask at the AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards) show in Lagos, Nigeria. BBC Article

2. Beaded Mask by Lisa Shepherd, Metis Artist from British Columbia, Canada. This stunning and detailed face mask is part of a collection of traditionally crafted masks demonstrating resiliency through 21st century pandemic!

3. Adorable face masks matching their pup!! Featured on famous dog behaviorist Cesar Milan's Instagram, Charlie the English cream golden with his owners put a smile on our faces. 

4. Here is Cedar Mask by Darrly Bolton from Vancouver, Canada. So beautiful and intricate!

5. Disco ball face masks at the Brooklyn Museum’s “Studio 54: Night Magic” exhibit. Attendees of the event stated they were inspired by the pandemic to make their masks fabulous! New York Post Article 

6. Cute watermelon face mask by EstiLisot Moda Escola in Brazil. The Esti Lisot Fashion School’s mission is to teach in an easy and creative way while maintaining technique and gaining experience.

7. An incredibly powerful photo, a 55-year-old street vendor named Abderrahim poses for a portrait while wearing a mask made of fig leaves in Rabat, Morocco. Los Angeles Times Article 

8. Representing a great cause, this custom face mask was a part of Ola Nui Kākou in Hawaii. It is a collective sponsorship with Kealopiko & Hawaii community partners manufacturing and distributing Reusable Fabric Face Masks for thousands of Hawaiian keiki and families in need!

9. These creative palm fronds woven face masks were made in Oaxaca, Mexico. A group of Artesanas are weaving masks made from local material to help indigenous communities that are dealing with the virus. We Are Mitu Article 

10. A striking Norwegian flag face mask designed by Leiren Designs in Seattle, Washington. As a Norwegian American, Leiren finds strength of her culture and uses it as an inspiration in this unique time. 

11. A powerful statement - this MMIW face mask was by Nichole M. Leveck in Toronto, Canada. With this mask, Nichole is using her mask to raise awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

12. Take a look at theses stunning velvet and silk face masks made from repurposed vintage sari fabrics from Nirvana Rain Collection.

13. An adorable Kawaii face mask designed by OHOP SHOP in Thailand. OHOP (One Home One Product) describes their products as unique, one of a kind, with its own character. Their products are handmade, created with passion and detailed craftsmanship!

14. Infusing contemporary style and her culture, this Pomahina Designs face mask was made in Molokai, Hawaii. Pomahina Designs incorporates her Maoli culture into her face mask designs, calling it "Modern Maoli"!

15. Inspired Natives Collaborator Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe) from Minnesota created her own face masks, even donating some to nurses and therapists!

16. A great merger of traditional and contemporary materials, this Sealskin and Moosehide face mask by Lena White is a representation of her home in the Yukon. 

17. This stunning face mask was made by Mi Vida Boutique face mask in Los Angeles, California. Created in 2008, Mi Vida Boutique’s incorporates cultural elements into fashion and functional art.

18. COLOMBIA: A Venezuelan migrant wears a mask that reads “Let’s go Venezuela” in Spanish as he walks toward the Venezuelan border from Bogota. The Colombian government ordered a lockdown in an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Los Angeles Times Article 

19. Cedar face mask by Vicki Sobolef. Vicki’s stunning cedar masks include a supply of shop towel filters in addition to the two felt filters, balancing breathability and filtration!

20. Jamie Okuma (Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock), an award-winning artist and fashion designer who we've collaborated before on a selection of products, created her own face masks for her friends and family. She said "If I’m going to be required to wear one of these you know it HAS to be fashionable." Looking stylish, Jamie!

21. Abriel Johnny, who is the on Board of Directors at United Indians of All Tribes and owner of Beadwork by Abriel, delivered some Good Medicine (sage) to the Eighth Generation Headquarters decked out in this fabulous mask and face shield. She had also just gifted custom face shields to the health workers at Chief Seattle Club, too. Thanks so much, Abriel!