2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Everyone

The holidays are here, and with that comes gift guides! Eighth Generation is sharing the third of three gift guides this year to help you find great gifts and perfect presents from Native and BIPOC small businesses this season. The gifts in this guide are sure to please everyone on your list, from your great-granny with great taste, to your work bestie with the best style, to your niece who deserves something nice. 

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Blog post by Eighth Generation Textile Specialist and Social Media Assistant Francesca Robello (Karuk); gift suggestions sourced from Eighth Generation staff

*Eighth Generation rejects the colonial notion of a gender binary as the only way to express one's self, and recognizes a full spectrum of genders, identities, and expressions. Gendering a gift guide is purely for SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the more buzz words we can use that Google likes, the more likely these gift guides are to be shown to a wide audience...and the more likely a wide variety of people are to find incredible Native artists and brands to shop from! 

For the Avid Reader: Birchbark Books

Birchbark Books is a small Native-owned bookstore located in Minneapolis-St. Paul, founded by author Louise Erdrich (Turtle Mountain Chippewa). Buying your books from Birchbark this year is a great way to support a Native-owned and operated business, and they also carry a huge selection of books by Indigenous writers and on all aspects of Indigenous culture. Pair a book from Birchbark Books with one of Eighth Generation's Native-designed Notebooks so your special someone can write their own story!

A Girl Called Echo book  
Shop Birchbark Books Bestselling Staff Picks, available at birchbarkbooks.com
Take your notes in Eighth Generation's After the Rain Notebook by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo)


For the Art Lover: Natasha Alphonse Ceramics

Natasha Alphonse (Denesuline) is an Indigenous artist, coming from the Northern tip of Saskatchewan to Seattle, who specializes in small-batch pottery for the home. Inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape, she uses clay and natural firing processes to create gorgeous mugs, serving dishes, vases, and bowls that are an incredible merger of form and function and make a beautiful addition to every home


Shelves of Ceramic Pottery
Shop all Natasha Alphonse Ceramics at alphonsestudio.com

For Your Twin Flame: Noir Lux Candle Co.

Noir Lux Candle Co. is a Seattle-based, Black-owned, and woman-owned business founded by Colina Bruce that specializes in small-batch, handcrafted candles, scents, and body care products. Seattle locals also have the chance to book a candle pouring session with Colina to create your personalized scent!

Shop Medicine for the People for Tubman Center for Health & Freedom, available at noirluxcandleco.com


For the Conscientious Consumer: Eighth Generation

You know us, you love us: we're Eighth Generation, the Native-owned company that brought the first authentic, Native-designed wool blankets to the market on a commercial scale. Now proudly owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe, we continue to put our Native artists first, showcasing authentic cultural art on thoughtful gifts, cozy blankets, and quality home goods that are for everyone to enjoy. From jewelry to socks to heirloom-quality Seattle-made wool blankets, we have something special for every special someone on your list. 

NEW! Our Winter Light Ornament Set is a must-have this season

earrings and necklace
Our Seattle-cast sterling silver jewelry is a beautiful gift; shop our Silver Paddle Earrings and Necklace by Stephanie Masterman (Tlingit) on our jewelry page


hip bag
Shop our Coast Salish Hip Bag, designed by Eighth Generation founder Louie Gong (Nooksack), at eighthgeneration.com  


For the Self-Care Queen (or King!): Haipažaža Pȟežuta

Haipažaža Pȟežuta is a Lakota & Dakota family-owned soap company using traditional plant knowledge from the Great Sioux Nation to create plant-based products that are free from the chemicals often found in store-bought products. Their wide selection of iconic shampoo and soap bars include scents like sweetgrass, lavender, and huckleberry. They also carry products like conditioners, bath bombs, and salves!

Sweet Musk soap
Shop the Sweet Musk Soap & Shampoo Bar, available at haipazazaphezuta.com  

For the Tea Lover: Tribal Tea Co.

Tribal Tea Co. is owned and operated by the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska. Their healing collection of loose leaf tea blends includes flavors like Juniper-Berry, Peppermint-Chamomile, and Cinnamon-Cardamom, all sourced and packaged with love on their reservation.

loose leaf tea tin
Shop Juniper-Berry Loose Leaf Tea, available at tribalteaco.com
small demi cup set
Enjoy your comforting tea in Eighth Generation's Coast Salish Pattern Demi Mug Set, available at eighthgeneration.com

For the Ethical Shopper: Kiriko Made

Kiriko Made is a Portland based company creating timeless apparel and accessories made with traditional Japanese textiles, like Shibori and Kasuri. Founded by Katsu Tanaka, Kiriko Made fights against the trends of mass production and consumption of fast fashion and directs our focus back to how our products are made, what they are made with, and how long they'll last.

2024 Japanese calendar
Shop the 2024 Hana-goyomi Monthly Calendar, available at kirikomade.com 

For the Foodie: Sweetgrass Trading Co. 

Seabear Smokehouse is based in the Anacortes, Washington, and has been a PNW favorite for decades for gifting smoked salmon gift boxes. Native-owned Sweetgrass Trading Co. offers Seabear Smokehouse's Smoked Sockeye Salmon Boxes that require no refrigeration and are ready to be shipped wherever your family lives!

smoked salmon box
Shop the SeaBear Smokehouse Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, available at sweetgrasstradingco.com


For the Fashion-Forward Friend: The NTVS

Native-owned and operated streetwear brand The NTVS is a great place buy apparel, art, and accessories for everyone in the family at all ages! Created by all Native designers, it is their mission to uplift and support Native communities and to teach the importance of embracing culture. The message and style of these designs are particularly popular with teens: shout out to the Zoomers and Generation Alpha teens and young adults who will leave this world better than they found it!

crew sweatshirts
Shop the Sacred Plants Crew Sweatshirt, available at thentvs.com


Thank you for supporting our small, tribally-owned business and these other incredible Native and BIPOC-owned brands this and every season! You truly make a positive difference when you shop Inspired Natives®, not "Native-inspired".