Our Guide to Seattle's Native-Owned Establishments and Holiday Events!

Eighth Generation has helped demonstrate that Seattle's Native people are successful artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. In a city that is built on top of occupied Native land and sells millions of dollars of product with the Seattle Seahawks' and other appropriated "Native" art - Eighth Generation stands out by supporting the capacity of real Natives to tell their stories and bring their art to market.

Want to support more Native artists and entrepreneurs? Instead of buying "Native-inspired" products, check out this very short list of places to consider sustaining with your dollars. But first watch this short video from our 1-year-anniversary to see what we can look forward to if we do these things.

At Eighth Generation, we've seen what's possible when you support Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired" - and have committed to supporting Inspired Natives everywhere through initiatives such as our Inspired Natives Project and recently awarded Inspired Natives Grants. In the spirit of cultivating a community of thriving Native-owned businesses right here in our hometown, we've put together this guide to Native-owned establishments to support this holiday season!

And if there's anyone we missed, feel free to shoot us an email at info@eighthgeneration so we can make sure to include them next time around!

Happy Grillmore

From our friends at Central District Ice Cream Company, who you might remember from our one of a kind ice cream collaboration, comes their latest tasty venture, Happy Grillmore! Voted best burger in Seattle and Portland, Happy Grillmore started out as a small food truck in Portland, recently making the transition to a brick and mortar restaurant here in Seattle.

Indian Summer

Located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Indian Summer features a well curated and affordable array of vintage clothing and accessories. In addition to buying, selling, and trading vintage items, Indian Summer also hosts events and music in their beautiful boutique.

Off the Rez

Seattle's first Native food truck, Off the Rez offers delicious Indian tacos and traditional fry bread from owner Mark McConnell's (Blackfeet) family recipes. Off the Rez made an appearance at the premier of our ice cream collaboration with Central District Ice Cream, supplying the fry bread to make out-of-this-world fry bread ice cream sandwiches.

Native Works by Chief Seattle Club

Chief Seattle Club's Native Works features beautiful handmade jewelry, with 100% of the proceeds going towards Chief Seattle Club's work to provide meals, mental healthcare, housing referrals, and more to Seattle's urban Native population. Available at their booth right around the corner from Eighth Generation's flagship store at Pike Place Market, as well as online!

Momma Bear's Fry Bread

The only place you'll find a Sasquatch Beef Indian Taco in Seattle, Momma Bear's Fry Bread serves delicious mini fry bread, Indian tacos, and other dishes like stuffed salmon out of their food truck in White Center. Momma Bear's will be hibernating for the winter but you can still contact them for catering/event requests, and keep an eye out for them in the springtime!

Sacred Circle Gallery at Daybreak Star Center

The Sacred Circle Gallery features curated exhibits of contemporary and traditional Native art from by local and internationally recognized artists, along with a noteworthy permanent collection that's worth a visit. Daybreak Star Center has become a hub for Native people in the Seattle area, hosting a variety of events and programming. You can check it all out at their holiday sale on Sunday, December 17.

Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center

Celebrate the original people of the Seattle area by supporting the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center! The center sponsors an awesome monthly Duwamish Native Arts and Crafts Market from October through December, which you can catch this weekend December 15-17th! You can also visit the Duwamish Longhouse gallery and gift shop, which features Salish art from local Native artists, books, educational materials, and jewelry all year round.

If you're up for an adventure out of Seattle, these Native-owned establishments make for a great road trip while still being easily accessible from the city:

Terra Tipi Gallery

Located just south of Seattle in Tacoma, Washington, Terra Tipi Gallery hosts events and rotating exhibits of indigenous artists from North and South America. Check out their current exhibit featuring the ledger art of Robert "Running Fisher" Upham (Lake Traverse Sioux).

Suquamish Museum

Located just outside of Seattle in Suquamish, WA, the Suquamish Museum holds events and rotating exhibits along with a permanent collection -- and hosted Louie as one of their Featured Artists this past spring! The Store features a work of a number of carvers, weavers, and beadwork artists who are members of the Suquamish and other Coast Salish tribes.

Hibulb Cultural Center

Located just north of Seattle in Tulalip, WA, the Hibulb Cultural Center features a 50-acre natural history preserve and interactive cultural center with various exhibits, a longhouse, and a gift shop.

If you're looking for Native-owned businesses to support beyond the Seattle area, check out our friends at Beyond Buckskin's Buy Native List:

Beyond Buckskin Boutique

Launched in 2009 by Jessica Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), Beyond Buckskin Boutique works with 40 individual Native artists and small businesses, providing a platform for them to sell and showcase their work. They also do consumer education about cultural appropriation through their blog and provide resources on Native-owned businesses with their Buy Native list.