Warrior Wool Blanket

  • $236.00

about the artist

I’m Dante Biss-Grayson, a Native American USAF Veteran and member of the Osage Nation (my clan is Eagle) with tours in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Italy. I am also an artist, an activist, a husband, and father. I began my family-run fashion house, the Sky-Eagle Collection, which I run with my wife Yanti, after my daughter was born. While I have created art for years, I began my professional career as an artist after I returned home from multiple tours of duty with so many traumatic incidents locked deep inside my heart and soul. I needed a release, I needed therapy, and so I opened my art and fashion studios as a way to heal. I paint, write poetry, sculpt, create art installations, and I am a fashion designer, and hope my work brings healing and good medicine to others.