"Embrace Your Beauty" Crew Socks

These stunning socks are adapted from the original hand-painted "Embrace Your Beauty" earrings created by Inspired Natives Project collaborator, Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo). The vibrant design features a color palette inspired by the orange seashell earrings with turquoise accents commonly found in Pueblo Country. 

  • One size fits all
  • Blend of combed cotton, nylon, spandex, and elastic
  • Designed by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo)
  • Features arch support band

Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo) draws inspiration from her family's history of illustrious potters to create the beautiful hand-painted Pueblo jewelry she is known for. The owner and operator of Milo Creations, her careful eye and attention to detail show in her intricate line work and Southwest geometric designs. 

Michelle has been an Inspired Natives Project Collaborator since 2014. Thank you for supporting Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired".

  • Machine wash warm.
  • Do not iron.
  • Lay flat to dry.

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