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Native Designed Wool Blankets — Vertical Mills

The authentic, Native-designed blankets in this collection are produced by vertical mills, meaning all parts of the wool's production—from sheep raising and sheering, to wool processing and dying, to blanket weaving or knitting—is done by the same company on one site. This means your blanket is made in the most sustainable of ways because all parts of the manufacturing process, from shearing the sheep to processing the raw wool, to spinning the wool into yarn and weaving the textiles, to finally finishing the blankets is done by the same company in one place. That eliminates materials transportation emissions created in many other manufacturing processes.

In our Waymaker Series, these medium-weight blankets are produced by a heritage mill in the UK, and have a gorgeous drape due to their lighter weight. The blankets in our North Winds Series are produced by a Norwegian mill with a textile history that goes back to the 1700s, and are of a thick, luxurious weight perfect for cold winter nights. 

The quality, sustainability, and luxury of the blankets made by our vertical mill partners are unparalleled, and are destined to become beloved by your entire family. 

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Spider Woman Throw Blanket – North Winds Series
  • $350.00
Elk's Offering Throw Blanket – North Winds Series
  • $350.00