Wellness Days – Eighth Generation Staff Share Self-Care Tips

We are halfway through January and New Year resolutions are in full swing! But really, it’s always a good day to start focusing on yourself.

Looking for inspiration? At Eighth Generation, Wellness Days are one way we take care of each other to make sure we're at our best for our community and customers. If you need a reminder to relax and recharge, we got you! Check out our team’s mindful and accessible self-care methods shared below.


Venture Outside

Stephanie, Tanessa, Eric, Jasmine and Emilia all suggest getting outdoors by walking and hiking. Stephanie will sprinkle in some outdoor time throughout her entire day!

Stephanie (Tlingit) | Retail and Special Projects Manager

“I choose to celebrate self-care Sunday which usually consists of taking a walk by myself (yes without my dog) to get my favorite cup of coffee at my neighborhood coffee shop, and then I'll take a trip to the nursery because I too have become a crazy house plant lady, and then I usually visit my local bookstore and stop off at the beach on my way home.”



Make Time for Joy

Jade reminds herself to set aside time for hobbies like playing songs on the piano or focusing on soccer, while Dustin urges everyone to remember to notice the little things that spark happiness.

Dustin | Financial Manager

“Remember to play. As a parent, I see how children can feel giddy just moments after a tantrum. Emotions are complex. We can experience more than one at the same time. 2020 has been a year where despair and joy were roommates. My kids remind me not to take it all too seriously. If I am feeling overwhelmed by circumstances, I try to remember to play. Building a fort, dressing up in costumes, dancing to a happy song after the sad song ends. There's millions of fun things happening in our world, we just have to remember to notice them and to create them.”


Connect with Animals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend more than just social distancing and hand washing to stay healthy; they also suggest socializing with animals!

“Pets can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize. Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Pets can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship.” - CDC

Emilia | Social Media Content Creator

“Every Sunday morning I go horseback riding. I notice a significant difference in my mood when I don't spend time with the horses and the outdoors. I suggest volunteering at animal rescues. There are a lot of farm rescues, equine therapy barns and dog shelters that could use the extra help. You help them, while the animals help you.”


Disconnect from Technology

Kim disconnects by setting her phone aside and staying present in the moment; while Adriana and Jasmine detach from technology through meditation and journaling.

Kim | Product Development Lead

“My self-care this year involves putting down my phone for at least a couple of hours and spending time with my own thoughts, in a book, or with my cats. Pressing pause on social media and the advertising/media that we are bombarded with at all times has been a really refreshing practice, and it gives me a chance to reconnect with my thoughts and clear my head.”



Surround Yourself with Plants

The color green is scientifically proven to diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. Stephanie, Kim, Emilia and Serene all have been collecting new plants to fill their homes with greenery and create a peaceful environment. So, go ahead and get yourself those flowers – you deserve it!

Serene (Anishinaabe, Hopi) | Chief Operating Officer

“Bringing a plant home from a nursery and getting my hands in the soil to place it in its new pot is extremely therapeutic for me. Plants also brighten and decorate my space.”



Find a Favorite Way to Exercise

Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and negative moods. If you can’t currently go to a gym, consider working out at home or in your neighborhood. Natasha and Adri suggest dancing to music while Tanessa recommends yoga. Simply getting up and moving around makes a difference for Eric!

Eric (Diné) | Studio Assistant

“Even simple walks to parks near me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed have been reenergizing. For me, feeling mentally/emotionally stuck can be resolved through physically moving.”


How do you pursue wellness? Got any other tips? We'd love to hear your methods – let us know in the comments!