Photo Collection: See Past Graduates Wrapped in Our Blankets

Our Tribally-owned small business is proud that our supporters celebrate their graduates with our authentic, Native-designed blankets — a traditional gift of honor among Native communities.

Upcoming graduates, you’ve pushed through the past year of challenges and you’re still pressing forward! You inspire us. Whether your ceremony is live, virtual or a drive-through this year, you deserve to be celebrated and honored for your accomplishments.

We wanted to share a collection of past photos commemorating the scholars, schools and organizations we’ve collaborated with during graduation. Take a look below at some of the motivating folks we worked with and those who have been honored with an Eighth Generation blanket!


From @authortmwitko:
Today Deanna honored the two senior girls on dance, Jasmine and Kayla. Both of these girls have been her teammates, mentors, and inspiration since she began dancing at Let's Dance nine years ago. They have always made her feel welcome and a part of something bigger, offering her encouragement and guidance. They are not only phenomenal dancers but are phenomenal people as well. We presented them with the Woodlands Floral Throw Blanket from Eighth Generation (for warmth and comfort), a Starbucks gift card (to nourish the body), a braid of sweet grass (to remind them to stay grounded), and a beaded keychain (to remind them of beauty and discipline). We are sure going to miss these girls and the energy they brought to the studio.


From @dr.brendible:
Honored to receive the Confluence blanket from Sealaska Heritage created by Tsimshian artist David Boxley and Eighth Generation.


From @amazin_emmy:
Beyond grateful to have received my @eighth_generation blanket, courtesy of @uo.nasu ! Thank you both for making my senior year a little kore special during these crazy times! Liohbwana!! 💚💛


The "Turtle" Wool Blanket was designed in collaboration with American Indian Graduate Center’s (AIGC) and AIGC's alumni Brittany Gene, Maka Monture and Janelle Cronin. The limited-edition blanket honors the organization’s 50-year legacy of AIGC funding Native students from over 500 tribes in 50 states.
From @makamonture:
The Turtle represents Turtle Island and has historical ties to AIGCS's college map. Each fin cradles a spirit face that represents the spirit of each of the four directions: North, South, East and West. When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to pray and make an offering to the four directions, and honoring the many directions your life takes. The human figures on the shell are a reminder that we can always talk to our ancestors for help. They're always listening - we need only speak out loud to connect with our ancestors - as if we were face to face.
The design is a testament to the diversity of Native students that benefit from the $15 million of scholarships AIGC awards each year.
On sale now at @aigc_scholarships
Shot by @testonactocphotography
From @shalenejoseph:
One year of academic recovery! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤓 I am still thankful for this journey, for this life I live by design, and for all the people involved! Congrats to all the graduates I am so proud of you!


From @icequeenpdx:
I was in the Native Honor day ceremony to celebrate my coming graduation this Friday from PSU with the first graduating class of the Indigenous Studies Major. 
I wanted to share this moment with all of you because I started ice queen as a sophomore and it has been a huge piece of me, my energy and source of happiness to watch it grow as I do as well. Entering the next chapter of my life soon and I’m a little scared but very excited to see where my education and ice queen takes me.
Lil flick of me, my dad and my brother who I swear is happy for me lol and my lil speech acknowledging the struggles of my family and what I have overcome to get here❤️



A throwback of 2019 graduates wrapped in Eighth Generation wool blankets at the Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies.
From @CNAIS:
Whose ready for Native Graduation 2021!!! We will have a virtual commencement this year!!
Photo by Glenn Asakawa @glennasakawa


From @indigenousatrit:
Congratulations to our 2019 graduating Native Scholars! Bruce Jones (Onondaga), Anna Jacobson-Eckert (Bad River Band of Ojibwe), Alexandra Shipman (Cherokee), and, not pictured, Jen VanStrander (Cherokee).


From: @sweetgrass_and_sage
Blankets are one of the highest honours you can get in Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe culture. My family gave me this one for graduating from my Master of Education at Queen’s University. I couldn’t have done it without my family, my husband, my supervisor and the support of my community. My research & work was in decolonizing & building support for Indigenous education. I’m so excited about what the future holds for our youth. I can’t wait to put this degree to work. Yaw^ko & Miigwetch ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Photo by @akootchook
Blanket by @byellowtail & @eighth_generation


From @sincerelymrsthompson:
There is so much to celebrate! Tomorrow I walk in my commencement ceremony to receive my Master’s in Education. I was delighted to be honored at PSU’s Native Honor Ceremony a couple of weeks ago. Of the students at PSU, there are only 1.1% enrolled this year who are Native American/Alaska Native. It was a special event to have our voices honored and heard. It was a time to thank our mentors, loved ones, and ancestors. I also recently watched my brother @elijahgesh6 graduate from high school! I am clearly a very proud big sister in these photos of us.


From @bychristineday:
my mentors. thank you for everything. ❤️


Do you know someone graduating this year? Share their story in the comments below! Our team also loves to see photos of our wool blankets honoring graduates — you're welcome to tag us in your photos on social media and/or send an email with photos attached to info(at)!