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VIDEOS: We opened our flagship store at Pike Place Market!

We finally launched the Eighth Generation flagship store in Seattle's Pike Place Market!  Located in the Atrium - just above the famous Gum Wall - this little gem represents many years of hard work and saving. We created these video logs to share our journey with you. Enjoy! Episode 1Louie checks in on some projects around Seattle - then goes before the Pike Place Historical Commission to request approval for the 21-foot art installation on the wall above the store! Episode 2Join the team for staff training, and watch us - finally! - tear down the paper covering the store..  - Read More

Product Design Internship - Spring 2016

Do you want to learn what it takes to be a full time designer? Do you want to participate in the development of highly unique products from scratch through to distribution? This is your opportunity to get exposure to ideas, networks, and processes that usually take decades to develop. We are looking for a self-starter with a strong interest in arts entrepreneurship and community service to help develop our growing line of Native-designed products. Eighth Generation’s focus for 2016 will be the development of our blankets, home decor and accessories in preparation for launching the first Eighth Generation brick and..  - Read More

10 Ways Eighth Generation Kicked Ass in 2015 - In pictures!

Louie Gong (Nooksack) chose the business name "Eighth Generation" to acknowledge that opportunity is a result of the collective effort of the previous 7 generations.  Thus, we view our projects - whether they focus on art, business or anywhere in between - as essentially collaborations with our ancestors.  With this in mind, please help us celebrate by browsing this visual list of ways in which we kicked ass in 2015. 1. After five years of planning and saving, we proudly became the first Native-owned company ever to offer wool blankets. Our corresponding Indiegogo campaign (see video below) raised over $60,00..  - Read More

Louie's Holiday Guide to Gifts and Good People

A few weeks ago, Eighth Generation was featured in the LA Times list of "Gifts that will Change the World."  That inspired me to curate my own gift guide based on the amazing people that supported or inspired me during my journey from an emerging Native artist who drew cultural art on shoes to becoming a leading arts entrepreneur. The main point here is that when you buy from one of the folks on this list, you can be assured that your dollars are sustaining an individual that will help nurture the next generation of emerging artists and arts entrepreneurs...  - Read More

Three Questions to Help End Cultural Appropriation

When you visit the stores this holiday season, you'll run across countless products - from shoes to blankets to shirts - featuring designs inspired by indigenous cultures. So, if there's such a huge demand for Native art, why do Native communities remain some of the poorest in North America? And why do companies that want to produce products featuring Native aesthetics and themes so rarely collaborate with Native artists? Well, for one, both the producers and consumers of these products have been exposed to a lifetime of media depicting Native peoples in really limiting contexts. Here's a few of the..  - Read More

Reaching New Heights in Sky City: Meet Michelle Lowden, Inspired Natives Project Collaborator

Nearly 2 years ago, Eighth Generation was honored to call famed Acoma Pueblo artist Michelle Lowden the very first Inspired Natives Project Collaborator.  Since then, we've been working with Michelle to adapt her intricate, hand-painted earring designs for application to products like the beautiful throw blankets and phone cases pictured below. Butterfly Throw Blanket (100% Cotton) by Michelle Lowden (Acoma) - $68  Rainstorm at Sunset wood phone case by Michelle Lowden (Acoma) - $39 Although we treat the practice of applying ancestral art to products with reverence - and we've gotten really good at it - it can be hard..  - Read More

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