Sweep Leaves Not Lives Tote Bag - Navy

  • Sweep Leaves Not Lives!

    Artist's Statement (No Touching Ground): “Seattle has proclaimed Homelessness a State of Emergency, however the city hasn't fiscally addressed homelessness as an actual health crisis. Instead of providing alternative and safe shelters they are creating sweeps that leave people’s property damaged or destroyed. During the fall and winter months this is especially inhumane and deplorable. The city’s idea to just "clean up" the homeless issue without actually developing any kind of plan or delegating the money it will take to help solve the crisis is a systemic problem.” 

    • 100% certified organic cotton
    • Main compartment opens up 7" wide
    • 12.5"W x 14.5"H x 7"D
  • No Touching Ground is a visual and street artist who creates powerful photorealistic images and murals that have appeared on buildings and street corners around the world, from Seattle to Buenos Aires to Athens. His signature hand-painted wheatpastes – which you may have spotted around Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square - are often displayed in public and unsanctioned spaces like vacant buildings awaiting demolition and alleyways nearby police stations. NTG’s work deals directly with social issues like Seattle’s homelessness crisis, gentrification, police brutality, and grassroots resistance - bringing the streets into his artwork, and his art to the streets of Seattle. *Non-Native artist


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