Squiggle Bear Phone Case

  • The squiggly one-line bear design or "So Bear", as it was dubbed by a handful of local writers, was initially based off "La Sorprosa", a surprised mama bear character (whose name is a mashup of "sorpresa" & "osa"), and is in some ways her little cub. Pared down to a continuous, convoluted single stroke, it's what got put out into the city - or into the ether - as a tag. To be left discreetly, with whatever modicum of respect a grafittist can afford, as a surprise for onlookers.

    This beautiful case is made with real maple that is cut and high resolution printed with multiple layers of protective coating - all lovingly crafted in our Seattle studio. It includes a matte black plastic bumper that snaps into place perfectly, providing an added layer of protection for your phone.

    *This case is 100% real wood, the image seen above is a representation of the wood. Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual case. Your case is unlike anyone else’s in the world.

  • BeSo 206 (@besoseattle) is a Seattle-based graffiti writer & graphic/typographic designer. They have been writing for a few years & doodling for many more. *Non-Native artist

    Artist’s Statement
    Our world is changing rapidly. The scene eye have witnessed in this little nook of the PNW along the sleepy, cold Puget Sound has changed dramatically since the days when the seagulls at the pier outnumbered 747s. The lake herons replaced with construction cranes. Every once-grungy place now cleaned up, every shiny-new office building with historical façade, every cherished unique business lost, every un-inspired tri-tone townhome, every 2 o’clock traffic jam…feels like shrapnel wounds from the Amazon explosion. Not to place culpability only on a single company, but Amazon has directly shifted the face of commerce across an internet-connected globe, ushering a die-back of business models they've driven to obsolescence. Their employee influx has populated some neighborhoods so densely that single-family homes are approaching a similar fate. Some of us say Seattle is vanishing...many would argue that the last decade has lifted Seattle to new heights of global visibility. Don't call me opposed to change entirely. It's just that eye experience my environment in a very cinematic way & have seen many of the sights slipping out of frame. Call the tags a penchant for "set design". Maybe more accurately it’s a plea to publicly mourn the loss of many of the city's shades...bleached by this technocratic nouveau-riche social anti-septic.

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