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Renewal Phone Case

by Eighth Generation
Price $38.00

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The "Renewal" design, which is characteristic of the woodlands floral tradition, tells the story of physical and spiritual renewal.  It honors the land through representations of the wild plum flower, the water through our beloved wild rice, and healing through the dogwood flower, which is used to create traditional tobacco. 

The scallop shapes on each end of the design – which are inspired by Sarah’s own hand-made regalia – symbolize the idea that humans are part of nature and that the renewal and revitalization of the land, water, sky and spirit require us to understand and practice our ancestral ways. 

This beautiful case is made with real maple and finished with a protective clear coat.

inspired by the overlapping traditions of the Chinese Guardian Lion (Fu Dog) and the Coast Salish house post.  The design depicts the male and female guardian lions with a mix of very contemporary Coast Salish and Northwest Coast Native art styles.  - See more at:

This case is crafted from real maple wood in the USA. It includes a matte black plastic bumper that snaps into place perfectly, providing an added layer of protection for your phone. 

*Since this case is 100% real authentic wood, the images seen above are representations of the wood. Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual case. Your case is unlike anyone else’s in the world, literally.



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