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"New Life" Throw Blanket

by Eighth Generation SOLD OUT
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Product Details

This blanket was designed by Inspired Natives Project collaborator Michele Reyes.

  • Made in USA
  • Fabric Content: 100% Cotton. 
  • Blanket size: 60" X 50"

About the "New Life" Design

Michele designed this blanket using shapes and colors characteristic of Navajo weaving. The layout, however, is not traditional at all. The combination of traditional designs and a modern layout is a signature of Michele's work.

A mother to 7 children, Michele likes holding close to tradition but adding a little bit of something new, hence the name "New Life." With small shapes reminding us of flower buds beginning a new life and created with modern production methods that allow us to spread the beauty of weaving designs to a wider audience, the idea of adding a touch of something new to tradition is embodied in this blanket.


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