"Good Day, Bad Day" Mini Framed Print

Available for the first time in a miniature version, the popular "Good Day, Bad Day" print depicts Rez Cat stalking a Coast Salish Hummingbird. Today, like every day, is both a good and bad day -- it all depends on perspective.

In 2010, Louie adopted a scruffy-looking wild tabby kitten from the Muckleshoot Reservation, where he was working at the time. On his first night at Louie’s house, an exhausted “Rez Cat” curled up in his new litter box and went to sleep, presumably because he was used to sleeping in dirt and gravel. As Rez Cat got older, he would often stay out all night hunting and leave various “presents” at Louie’s doorstop in the morning. Since then, Rez Cat has been a common subject in Louie’s art (and now has a softer bed to rest on).

The original 18" x 24" painting (spray paint, acrylica and wood stain on wool panel) was featured in "Rebels of the Floating World" at Artxchange Gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square.

  • Framed Giclee Fine Art Print
  • Stamped and signed by Louie Gong (Nooksack)
  • Arches Smooth Rag 310 gsm paper meets the highest archival standards
  • Shipped in a custom white box 

Louie Gong (Nooksack), founder of Eighth Generation, is a self-taught artist who was raised by his grandparents in the Nooksack tribal community in northwest Washington. He got his start by painting cultural art on shoes, but realized that creating one-of-a-kind pieces did not provide a sustainable pathway to success, and began applying his artwork to accessibly-priced products. Louie’s unique style merges traditional Coast Salish art with influences from his mixed heritage and urban environment to create work that resonates widely across communities and cultures.

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