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Double Vision - Mixed Media Earring

by Eighth Generation
Price $32.00

New and old. Individual and community. Radical and Traditional. Wearing these "visionary" earrings will remind you to view the world from multiple perspectives!

Product Description

This two-sided earring features a contemporary take on a classic Northwest Coast eye design.

The hand-painted maple wood compliments northwest Native art traditions -- and every earring features a unique wood grain and paint job that can never be duplicated. The natural elements are balanced by a glossy finish and vibrant colors of the the acrylic pupil. The jump ring and hook have a gun metal finish.

This product is hand-painted, machine cut, and assembled in Louie's studio in Seattle, Washington. 

Thanks for supporting Inspired Natives, not Native-inspired. #inspirednatives

Body Dimensions

  • 2.25" x .8"
  • 55 mm x 20 mm


93 Pike Street Seattle, WA 98101 United States 206.430.6233