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Eagle Vision: Taking Native Business to New Heights
A Film by Eighth Generation

See how this wool blanket company is addressing cultural appropriation by proving that companies can work collaboratively with Native artists and still be successful.

You’ll follow Louie Gong (Nooksack) - who raised seed money for launching wool blankets by conducting over 100 custom shoe workshops - travels to a culture-rich island in rural Alaska to do one final custom shoe workshop and visit with Tsimsian artist David Robert Boxley, winner of Eighth Generation’s first Wool Blanket Design Contest.

Schuhe Machen Leute: You Are What You Wear
A Film by Verband Binationaler Leipzig

"Schuhe Machen Leute" (2012) documents Louie's work with German immigrant youth during Germany's 2012 Annual Week Against Racism.  

UNRESERVED: The Work of Louie Gong
A Film by Longhouse Media

“UNRESERVED: The Work of Louie Gong” (2010) is described as an “intimate profile of a remarkable artist and activist.”  It has been selected to screen at dozens of festivals in seven different countries, including the Festival de Cannes in France and the National Geographic All Roads Festival in Washington, DC.  Visit the WebsiteWatch Trailer

TV News Features, Segments and Other Video

04/09/2019  Native Perspective Mission From Design, Oregon Public Broadcasting for Design Week Portland.

01/10/2019  Virgin Atlantic Guide to Seattle, Virgin Atlantic

12/16/2018 NHL Seattle possibly looking to incorporate indigenous art into team logo, King 5 News

03/16/2018   Tradition with a Modern Edge, NHK World

11/06/2017   Reclaiming Native American Art, CNN's The Great Big Story.

09/22/2016   Louie Gong Opens Flagship Store at Pike Place Market, KOMO 4 Seattle Refined.

09/14/2016     New Native Store Honors Generation Past, Present and Future, KING 5 Evening Magazine

08/25/2016   Eighth Generation Opens at Pike Place Market, Pike Place Market Blog

10/01/2015  Seattle arts creates gift for President of China, Q13 Evening News

05/21/2015  Seattle Channel's Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

06/20/2015  Redbull's Sheckler Sessions

06/14/2014   KING 5's New Day

03/14/2012   ADR-German National News (16:50 - 18:50) 

09/27/2011   APTN National News (starts at minute 55)

07/05/2010   Walking Masterpieces, Wigup TV

05/05/2010   Putting the “Pop” in Culture, by King 5 ‘s Evening Magazine

04/06/2010   Biracial Residents Boxed in by Census,  NBC Nightly News commentary 

04/02/2010   Eighth Generation: TV news story by Northwest Indian News 

03/01/2010   Two Worlds: Artist Profile by CTV-Canada

11/07/2009   UNRESERVED: the work of Louie Gong – Film by Longhouse Media (trailer)

Selected Print and Prominent Blog Features

08/21/2018  Eighth Generation is Changing the Way Native Artists Do Business, Native Business Mag

10/01/2017 Louie Gong is Changing the Game, OnTrak Magazine.

07/16/2017 Artist Louie Gong Brings Authentic Native American Art to Mainstream Business, NPR

07/06/2017 The Eighth Generation Movement, INSPADES Magazine

02/22/2017  Louie Gong is an Original, Seattle Met Magazine

01/05/2017 Louie Gong and Eighth Generation Give the Gift of Warmth, Indian Country Media Network

11/25/2016 A new hub for native arts at Pike Place, Crosscut

09/27/2016  New Power Generation: Louie Gong Energizes a New Generation of Native Artists, City Arts Magazine

08/26/2016  Native-owned Eighth Generation Comes to Pike Place Market, Seattle Stranger

08/25/2016  Pike Place Market Gets Native Owned Shop and Dose of Stereotype Busting, Seattle Times.

08/25/2016  Pike Place Market's new Native-owned shop promises "stereotype busting", Seattle Globalist

01/01/2016  New Blanket Line by Louie Gong Makes a Statement, Seattle Magazine

12/10/2015  11 Gifts that Will Change the World, Los Angeles Times

10/14/2015  Louie Gong's Native-owned Company Fights Back Against Cultural Appropriation,

09/23/2015  Nooksack Visionary Launches Line of Wool Blankets, Indian Country Today

09/23/2015   Louie Gong set to launch line of wool blankets, the first ever produced by a Native owned company in the United States, Seattle Stranger

09/24/2015   Meet the artist who created the gift for the President of China, Seattle Stranger

06/01/2015   Birds and Blooms Magazine

04/01/2014   Drawing from Heritage, GRAY Magazine

10/20/2013   Merging Traditional Art and Popular Culture, Hand and Eye Magazine

09/30/2013   Shoe Mockups: Find Your Inner Artist, Shoe Retailing Today

08/01/2013   Louie Gong's Art for Activism, The Wild Magazine

03/01/2013   Coast Salish Designs of Louie Gong (includes cover), Native People's Magazine 

02/28/2013    Louie Gong's Mockups: It's Not a Shoe, It's a Canvas, Indian Country Today

12/13/2012    Seattle-based artist defines mix-raced identity through Mockups, Seattle Chinese Times

11/25/2012   Nooksack Tribal Member Turns Shoes into Canvas for Art, Bellingham Herald 

11/25/2012   Top 10 Inspirational Natives: Past and Present, Native Max Magazine

10/15/2012   Mockups: A Design Vinyl Toy by Louie Gong of Eighth Generation,

02/17/2012   Vans Custom Culture 2012,

08/22/2011   Windspeaker Magazine, Windspeaker Confidential

06/20/2011   Unreserved: The work of Louie Gong, Educational Resource Package by Hot Docs

04/01/2011   Art Works, Textbook, Edmond Montgomery Publishers

02/02/2011   The Vans Blog, Louie Gong’s Chinese New Year Customs

01/01/2011   Native Peoples Magazine, Louie Gong Gains Fame through Custom Footwear

07/01/2010   Seattle Magazine, Native Soles

02/14/2010   Seattle Times, Fashion Footwear Grounded in Coast Salish Art

01/13/2010   Indian County Today’s 2010 Business Magazine, Louie Gong Inspires Next Generation with Custom Footwear

01/07/2010   Diverse Magazine, Tribal College Educator Raises America’s Multiethnic Profile

11/05/2009, Eighth Generation 

11/04/2009   Seattle Spectator, Local artist shoe designs step across racial lines

10/03/2009   Seattle Times, Nooksack Tribe member explores multiracial culture

08/20/2009   Indian Country Today, Eighth Generation: Made for walking in two worlds with style

07/23/2009   Metro News, Old World Meets New

04/19/2009, Louie Gong: Mixed Traditional Native Art and Custom Kicks

03/08/2009   Bellingham Herald, Dedicated Voice for Community

06/28/2008, Multiracial Americans surge in number, voice


10/06/2013   BBC Radio Four, The Brown Camp

03/20/2013   Radio Blau (Leipzig Germany): Schuhe Machen Leute

03/14/2012   MEPHISTO 97.6 (Leipzig, Germany): Schuhe designen in der Villa

02/18/2012   KUOW (Seattle NPR affiliate): Hodie Ceremony

06/09/2010   CJMQ (Quebec): Outside the Shoe Box

04/26/2010   Native America Calling, Art and Identity

01/16/2010   KUOW,  (Seattle NPR affiliate) Walking in Two Worlds with Louie Gong

08/23/2009   CBC Radio, On the Coast

06/03/2009   Native America Calling, Embracing your mixed heritage

05/15/2009   Mixed Chicks Chat, Interview with Louie Gong

Selected Commentary Related Racial Identity and MAVIN

02/09/2011   The New York Times, Counting Race Can Throw Off Some Numbers

10/20/2010   The New York Times, Angle Re-opens subject of race

03/08/2010   ABC News, The Color of Change 

07/23/2009   Metro News, Old World Meets New

01/20/2009   Philadelphia Inquirer, Big Moment but Small Step

01/20/2009   The Chicago Tribune, An American Moment

01/01/2009   The Vancouver Sun, Mixed Blessings

07/21/2008   San Francisco Chronicle, Obama Raises Profile of Mixed Race Americans

06/07/2008   Diversity Inc Magazine, 8 Things Never to Say to a Mixed Race Colleague

06/01/2008   Education Week Magazine, Mixed Heritage Said to Present Complex Issues

03/31/2008   The New York Times, Who Are We?, A New Dialogue on Mixed Race

03/15/2008   The Toronto Star, A Love Match?  That’s So Last Century