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What kind of topics do you speak about?

I frequently speak about art, entrepreneurship, education, racial/cultural identity and special topics related to mental health. Please review the Speaking and Workshops page on this website for more information.

What kinds of workshops do you do?

My "Design Yourself" workshops, which developed organically based on 20 years in education and my experience as an artist, can be tailored to any age group and include unique activities like the Mockups art toy, Identity Doodles and Custom Shoes.

What are your speaking and workshop fees?

Rates vary greatly depending on time commitment, audience, scope, and nature of the event.

Do you ever donate speaking or workshop services?

Yes, I have an ongoing commitment to do at least 4 pro bono/reduced fee speaking engagements each year. These are already accounted for through 2015.

How do I book you?

Please review the Speaking and Workshops page on this website. I also suggest taking a glance at my schedule of speaking commitments before emailing info(at)eighthgeneration(dot)com with your inquiry and the subject line "Speaking and Workshops." Please include your title, organization, proposed event(s) and a short description of your target audience in your email.

Can I attend a workshop or speaking engagement?

In general, workshops and speaking gigs are not open to the public; but this is determined by the hosting conference or organization -- please consult their websites or organizers for details.

93 Pike Street Seattle, WA 98101 United States 206.430.6233