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Do you make donations?

Yes. Eighth Generation is proud to be a Native-owned company that sells products that are 100% Native designed. While we understand that we are setting the gold standard for how companies align with Native art and communities, we also understand that engaging in commerce that is so closely connected to Native peoples comes with an ethical obligation to nurture the environments that this cultural art is coming from. Therefore, we take seriously the responsibility of giving back to community. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, however, we have to predesignate how many organizations we donate to each year--usually making selections at the beginning of the year.

What kind of organizations have you supported in the past?

In the last year, Eighth Generation/Louie Gong has made cash, product, and service donations to a wide variety of organizations. Some examples include the National Indian Education Association, Evergreen State College Longhouse (becoming the largest individual donor in 2016), Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Council, the Wing Luke Museum, and numerous special events such as memorials, weddings and other fundraisers. In 2016, Eighth Generation donated $10,000 worth of blankets to the water protectors at Standing Rock and then partnered with the Google American Indian Network and First Peoples Fund to contribute an additional $24,000 in resources.

How do I submit my organization for consideration?

You can email info(at)eighthgeneration(dot)com with more information on your organization and request. Requests submitted via Louie's personal Facebook page may be met with an disapproving emoticon.

Is there a deadline to submit a donation request?

No - submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions for our 2017 giving will be made in late February.

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