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How did you get started?

Louie Gong began planning for wool blankets in 2010 after earning his first wool blanket by keynoting an education conference. From that point forward, he saved every penny from speaking and workshops to use as the seed money for the 2015 launch.

What size are your blankets? 

Our throw blankets are 50" x 60" and our wool blankets are 200 cm x 150 cm (fits a Queen size bed).

What materials are your blankets made with?

Our throw blankets are made with 100% cotton and our wool blankets are made with 100% New Zealand wool.

Where are your blankets produced?

Our throw blankets are produced in the USA and our wool blankets are produced in China.

Why don't you produce the wool blankets in the USA using American wool?

Although producing our wool blankets in the USA using domestic wool, or even Native-produced wool, would be our ideal scenario, it's an unrealistic expectation at this time. We will work towards making this long term goal a reality. Until then, we are confident that we entered into this high-barrier-to-entry market in the best way possible.

We reject any stereotype-based assumption that a Native-owned company is somehow "less Native" because we have started working with overseas manufacturers. Eighth Generation must contend with the same reality and constraints as all other American small businesses. Yet, while approximately 97% of apparel sold in the U.S. is made overseas, only 2 of Eighth Generation's 20 product categories are manufactured overseas.

Will you be making remnants available for crafters and artists? As we get up to speed with our core blanket offerings, we will make remnants and materials available for crafters and artists.

93 Pike Street Seattle, WA 98101 United States 206.430.6233