First Dawn Phone Case

This beautiful phone case was created by Tsimshian artist David Robert Boxley, illustrating the story of the "First Dawn".

For the Tsimshian and other tribes on the Northwest coast, Txeemsm, also known as Raven the Trickster, is the central figure in oral histories about the creation of the world. The story goes that in the beginning, the world was in darkness. Then, Txeemsm stole the sun - represented here with a stunning abalone inlay - from the Chief of the Sky, and released it for the benefit of all. 

Lovingly made in our Seattle studio, this beautiful case is made with real walnut and maple wood inlays, which are cut and laser etched with multiple layers of protective coating. This special edition case includes a matte black plastic bumper that snaps into place perfectly, providing an added layer of protection for your phone. 

*Since this case is 100% real authentic wood, the images seen above are representations of the wood. Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual case. Your case is unlike anyone else’s in the world, literally. 

David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian) comes from the village of Metlakatla, Alaska, growing up there and in Kingston, Washington. He first began to learn how to carve from his father, renowned Tsimshian artist and culture bearer, David A. Boxley, at the age of six. He has since studied under Master Haida carver, Robert Davidson, and, after moving away for a period of time, has returned to live in his village to help in the efforts to save his people's language. He is now the Co-chair of The Haayk Foundation, which works to preserve and revitalize Tsimshian language, history, and traditions.

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