Design Yourself

Louie Gong designed and developed Mockups after recognizing that the experience of personalizing a pair of shoes needed to be CHEAPER, LESS INTIMIDATING, and more CLASSROOM FRIENDLY. The grass roots project was even funded from money earned through his own workshops and public speaking.

The result is much more than a toy. In fact, there's an entire website devoted to showing off photos of completed Mockups, free lesson plans and useful design tips: 

Since launching in late 2012, thousands of people - from first time artists to professionals - have created their own shoe designs using Mockups. Some use Mockups as a 3D template for preparing to design a real shoe. Others go all the way, using paint, markers, sculpting material and whatever else they can find to make a unique, stand-alone art project.

The first pair sold were shipped to Malaysia, and the international appeal of this versatile art toy has only grown since then, especially among teachers.  In 2013, Mockups founder traveled to Germany to conduct "Design Yourself" workshops with youth from all around the world.  This rapidly growing fan base, along with the organic story of this Native-owned product have inspired collaborations with prestigious organizations such as Smithsonian's NMAI. 

As we push forward, we would greatly appreciate your help.  You can support us by sharing the intro video with your friends, browsing the growing amount of art on the Mockups website, and liking the Facebook Fanpage, where new Mockups will be posted weekly.  Word of mouth helped the Eighth Generation Facebook presence grow from 0 to nearly 60,000 in just a few years, so I know it will work for this project too.