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Five years ago - dissatisfied with the selection of shoes on the store shelf- I grabbed a sharpie and personalized a pair of shoes in a way that reflected who I was an individual.  It was a spontaneous act of self expression, not a business idea, and I never imagined it would lead to travel all around the world and a Facebook following of nearly 60,000 people.

Since then, I've designed about 200 unique pairs of hand drawn custom shoes...usually representing a merger of traditional Coast Salish art, my mixed heritage and influences from my urban environment. The materials and technique I used to create custom shoes has evolved drastically since my start, and I've created a How To Video sharing some of what I've learned, including the type of Fabric Dye markers I like to use.

A few years ago, when my waiting list was approaching 2 years, I stopped taking commissions to focus on the development of my business infrastructure and to continue using my art as a teaching tool on topics such as art, identity, leadership and entrepreneurship.  If you don't see any shoes here or the product pages say "not available", it means they are sold out.

Please remember, these are one-off, hand drawn customs not mass produced shoes. The best way to get advance notice of when shoes are placed for sale is to join the Eighth Generation mailing list. You can see more photos by visiting the Gallery or the Facebook Fanpage.

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