VIDEO: Taking Back the Narrative of Native Art

Eighth Generation and our artist-centric business model continue to make headlines! KIRO 7 – a Seattle news organization – visited our Eighth Generation headquarters to feature our brand in their Western Washington Gets Real segment.

Every one of our products is designed by an Indigenous artist. Meanwhile, non-Native companies are saturating the market and capitalizing on cultural art.

“It’s important to know it’s not just about hurt feelings,” Eighth Generation Founder and CEO Louie Gong told KIRO 7. “When you walk through the mall almost everything has something on it with a tribal print. When money is being exchanged around cultural art, Native artists get left out.”

Eighth Generation is the ethical alternative to these businesses profiting off fake Native art and stories.

“Our help of other artists is not just a token marketing ploy,” Louie says. “We’re creating real opportunities for Indigenous artists to pursue wealth through their cultural artforms.”

Our business has grown significantly in the last year, but we're not done yet! If you missed our live feature on KIRO 7, you can still read the full article and watch the segment below for a look behind the scenes of Eighth Generation.